Charles and Celestine Kremer (Helpers)

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From Michael Moores LeBlanc:
Here are a few additional clues and details about Kenneth Lorch in his own hand and in the 'official version'. It appears he was arrested either in or near Bordeaux with a helper. No doubt there is an interesting story here behind how this would have come about. I wonder how many other POWs must have a similar trail of helpers and who came within miles of freedom before capture.

In addition, I am attaching a page from the file Maurice Piens, a member of the Felix line with connections in Liege. On this page, you will note the mention of both Bailey and Quinn  as well as Ken Lorch. The passage 'roughly' translates as follows: "Lorch & King* were recovered and in company of 'Felix' at the home of a woman from Hasselt in Brussels. Sheltered for four days by Mme Marthe Ottevere and transferred to Mouscon by Piens to the home of Mr Dearousseaux for passage of the frontier on 13 November 1943. Incidentally, Wilf Gorman, RCAF, the man next on the list after Lorch, is an old friend of mine. His route followed that of Lorch's almost exactly. I have his account in great detail.. He was later captured in the Pyrenees in the same group, if I recall correctly, as MacDonald and McGlinchy.

I know, from my studies of the Felix Line, that it was beset by financial woes about this time and several of it's airmen in Paris were stranded there for some time before being transferred to the Comete or Burgundy Lines or to the FanFan Line in Brittany for sea evacuation.

According to AFEES 'Blue Book', Lorch's traveling companion, Ernest C.
King of the 381 BG ,was shot down 17 August 1943. He evaded capture by the Germans for 9 months in Belgium and France but was captured trying to cross into Switzerland. He later published a book about his life in the military entitled, 'Beyond Fantasy'.

I am also attaching, excerpts from the Helper Award file for, Celestine Kremer, the widow of Charles Cremer (see mention in evasion Line history). You will note these people helped other 100 BG fellows, Claytor and Nutting.

The Kremers were members of the following resistance groups: Service Bayard, the MNB/Movement National Belge and the FI/Front d l'independence.

Casualty Information: Antoine Wagner, arrested (with us) by the Germans on 11 December 1943, was known by the name of Peter Royce.

The Remarks section translates 'roughly' as follows:
" ... My husband, Charles Kremer and I were arrested on 11 December 1943, for having been guilty of sheltering nd repatriating allied airmen. We worked in various resistance groups. We served as a 'Letter-Box' for the Bayard Group (an Intelligence organization that also helped evaders). We began our resistance activity in 1941 and this ended in December 1943. My husband was shot by the Germans on the 26th of January 1944. I was released on 88 May 1944 but kept under surveillance until the departure of the occupying authorities. The Germans took 210,000 francs in value from us in the form of linens, clothing, silver (could mean money) and movable objects.

I have included a sheet that deals with a subject often found in the files of helpers who had been arrested - compensation by allied authorities. In addition to this 'one time financial settlement' Mme Kremer was probably eligible to a form of compensation by the Belgian government as well as a pension.
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