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Aircraft: 48284

Crash site of "BACHELOR'S HEAVEN"  - 350th   (100th Photo Archives)

 Pre-flighting Bachelor's Heaven. Ten in background is our workshop. Each crew has one. (Photo courtesy of Cpl. R. V. Churchill and son Dennis Churchill.) 

NAMES: Bachelor's Heaven



Bachelor's Heaven


1944-08-01   Accepted into inventory
1944-08-01  Cheyenne
1944-08-13  Kearney
1944-08-23  Grenier
1944-08-23  Assigned to UK
1944-12-31  RFO - Crash Landing, Tibenham with Lt Baker Crew
1945-01-02   Salvaged?
1944-10-31  Salvaged

Pilot Info

Crew: N/A

Related Info: : N/A, N/A




"BACHELOR'S HEAVEN"  and her Carl Baker crew on the ground safely after the December 31, 1944 Hamburg mission.  (100th Photo Archives)

350th Maintenance personnel inspecting the downed "BACHELOR'S HEAVEN".  (100TH Photo Archives)

Another view of the downed 350th "BACHELOR'S HEAVEN". (100th Photo Archives)

 Pulling a post flight inspection after a mission. Bachelor's Heaven.(Photo courtesy of Cpl. R. V. Churchill and son Dennis Churchill.) 

 This is what I worked on day and night. It flattened Berlin. Its name is Bachelor's Heaven. (Photo courtesy of Cpl. R. V. Churchill and son Dennis Churchill.) 

 "BACHELOR'S HEAVEN"-AC # 44-8284 LN-H crash landed at Tibenham AF just after takeoff Dec 31, 1944 

 "BACHELORS HEAVEN" (100th Photo Archives)