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Aircraft: 25861

"LADEN MAIDEN" in which the Roane Crew flew their first 16 missions. Detailed Information (100th Photo Archives) 

NAMES: Stud Duck
Laden Maiden



Aircraft names: Stud Duck [6.43], Laden Maiden [7.43] --- Assigned to original cadre, Crew A-2. --- Maj. William Veal & Capt. Persons flew this aircraft overseas.


1943-03-26   Accepted into inventory
1943-03-30  Long Beach - also 15 Apr 43 Kearney
1943-05-02  Wendover
1943-05-22  Dow - also 06 Jun 43 Dow
1943-06-07  Assigned to UK
1943-08-02  NCS - crash landed - Lt. Owen D. Roane - 10 RMC
1943-09-23   REM - could not keep up with formation
1943-11-26   RFO - Lt. Owen D. Roane - 2 WIA
1943-12-16   RES
1943-12-30  FTR - Fighters - Liry, France
1943-12-30  FTR - Fighters - Liry, France

Pilot Info

Crew: 2 EVD, 8 KIA - E&E 565, 566





 The venerable "LADEN MAIDEN" she was a Vega (Made by Lockheed) and was original equipped with engines manufactured by Studebaker. (100th Photo Archives) 

 Milton Neer and unidentified airmen pose with "LADEN MAIDEN", piloted by Cowboy Roane for 16 missions. From the Milton E. Neer Collection 

 "LADEN MAIDEN" Squadron Commander William W. Veal's plane, named after his pregnant wife. R. C. Morton was crew chief. (100th Photo Archives) 

 "LADEN MAIDEN" Cover shot of Cowboy Roane's popular account of his time with the 100th. (100th Photo Archives) 

Four 100th B-17s over the Alps, top "Cowboy" Roane in "LADEN MAIDEN," 2nd from top (smaller image) Henry Henington in "HORNY," center Bob Wolff in "WOLFF PACK, lower "Bucky" Egan and "Crankshaft" Cruikshank in "MUGWUMP". Detailed Information (100th Photo Archives)

 Regensburg 17 Aug 43, 349th aircraft of the 100th High Squadron in light flak. The lead aircraft in the center, B-17F Laden Maiden 25861 XR-J flown by Owen "Cowboy Roane" ,the next aircraft Is The WAAC Hunter  XR-F was flown by Lt Henry Shotland, plane in lower right is not positively identified. (100th Photo Archives) 

Photo from Frank Murphy showing Laden Maiden XR-J and WAAC Hunter XR-F.