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Aircraft: 2102657

Boss Lady 2102657 on hardstand 

BOSS LADY profile  done by Jan Zdiarsky

Boss Lady 2102657 LN-Y Profile done by Jan Zdiarsky

NAMES: Boss Lady



Boss Lady --- Had nose art painted on both sides of plane. CP side had girl and name, Pilot side, just the name. Pinky and Stinky on side of nose, Employees Only painted on escape door in rear.


1944-03-23   Cheyenne
1944-03-24  Accepted into Inventory
1944-04-12  Grand Island
1944-05-11  Dow
1944-05-13  Assigned to UK
1944-09-11  FTR - Fighters - Schuiedeberg, ?
1944-09-11  FTR - Fighters - Schuiedeberg, ?

Pilot Info

Crew: 5 KIA, 4 POW

Related Info: : TROMMER, ALBERT E




"BOSS LADY" of the 350th   (100th Photo Archives)

EYEWITNESS REPORT SEPTEMBER 11, 1944: "The group in which A/C 42-102657 was flying was attacked by from 50 to 70 E/A. The attack caused at least three of our A/C to explode on the first pass and most of the others appeared to be damaged. Many of them were attacked again as stragglers. In a few moments all but one disappeared into the under cast. Two chutes were seen before the A/C disappeared. A/C #42-102657 was flying #2 position in the lead element of the 100th Group C Squadron which was flying as the low squadron of the Group. At 1205 hours at 5035N - 1310E at 26,000 feet the 100th C Squadron was attacked by approximately 40 e/a, FW-190s and ME 109s. The e/a came in a "swarm" from 6 o'clock opening fire with 20 mm from 400 yards. After this one mass attack, a few single e/a broke away from the "swarm" and made a 360 degree turn and again attacked crippled air-craft in the 100th C Squadron from 6 o'clock low In a few moments all but one of our A/C disappeared beneath the under cast about half of them appearing to be under control. Since none of the A/C from the 100th C squadron returned from this mission.   (100th Photo Archives)

 100th B-17 tail section stuck in the roof of a girls school in Schmiedeberg, Czech Republic. (100th Photo Archives) 

 "BOSS LADY" 2102657 LN-Y 350th aircraft Ground crew, plane flown by Lt Trommer crew.  (100th Photo Archives) 

Boss Lady 2102657 LN-Y

Boss Lady 2102657 LN-Y (100th BG Photo Archives)

BOSS LADY 2102657 LN-Y (100th BG Photo Archives)

Boss Lady. Photo courtesy of Donald "Duck" Bradley/Laurence Bradley.

BOSS LADY LN-Y 350th BS.  Photo courtesy of Donald "Duck" Bradley/Laurence Bradley

Boss Lady nose Art profile done by Jan Zdiarsky

Boss Lady nose Art profile done by Jan Zdiarsky

B-17 formation; "Boss Lady" is second from the left (from the collection of Norman Miller)

2102657: Boss Lady Sept 11, 1944, (100th Photo Archives) 

 A/C 23413: HARD LUCK AND A/C 2102657: BOSS LADY (Photo courtesy of Ernie Havecker and his family: Eileen Rosenthal and Jodi Womack.)