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Aircraft: 297393

 Damaged B17G PRIDE OF THE CENTURY A/C 297393 XR-G after take off accident. (Photo courtesy of Ernie Havecker and his family: Eileen Rosenthal and Jodi Womack.) 

Pride of the Century on Hardstand after landing gear failure. (100th BG Photo Archives)

Pride of the Century as a Hangar Queen

NAMES: Pride of the Century



Pride of the Century


1944-02-25   Cheyenne
1944-02-26  Accepted into Inventory
1944-03-02  Billings
1944-03-02  Dow
1944-04-29  Assigned to UK
1944-07-28  RFO - crash landed - Salvaged
1944-07-28  RFO - crash landed - Salvaged

Pilot Info

Crew: N/A

Related Info: : N/A, N/A




 "PRIDE of the CENTURY" - 297393 - XR-G, 349th (100th Photo Archives) 

Photo taken July 28th after Pride of the Century had landing gear Failure after returning from Merseburg..  Pride of the Century is in the middle.  "Varga Venus" is far left and on July 29th returned from Merseburg and crash landed at Thorpe Abbotts. 

Pride of the Century on Hardstand 

Pride of the Century after landing gear collapse

Pride of the Century (from the collection of Joseph Ciotola)