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Aircraft: 230062

Reilly's Racehorse Nose Art (courtesy of Mark Styling)

 "BASTARD'S BUNGALOW" 230062 (100th Photo Archives) 

Early August 1943 photo of TNT , Bastards Bungalow LD-O  Photo courtesy of Jim Potts Daughter Eileen Potts Smith

Terry n Ten nose art LD-O  

NAMES: Bastard's Bungalow
Terry 'n Ten
Reilly's "Racehorse"



Aircraft name: Bastard's Bungalow, Terry n' Ten, Reilly's Racehorse --- Assigned to original cadre, Crew 31 Lt Charles Cruikshank --- Bastard's Bungalow [6.43] --- Lt Atchison Terry n' Ten (T.N.T) [9.43] --- Lt Reilly "Reilly's Racehorse" [12.43]


1943-04-03   Accepted into inventory
1943-04-06  Cheyenne also 14-Apr-43 Gore also 16-Apr-43 Kearne
1943-05-02  Wendover also 18-May-43 Hill also 22-May-43 Kearne
1943-05-30  Dow also 01-Jun-43 Assigned to UK
1943-06-22  RFO - Shipdam also 28-Jul-43 REO - at 6,000 ft. pa
1943-08-12  REM - engine trouble also 09-Sep-43 REM supercharg
1943-09-16   RFO - Castle Donington also 26-Sep-43 REM - 2 engi
1943-10-04   REM - #1 engine oil leak, low oil pressure
1943-10-08   REM - #2, #3, and #4 generators failed
1943-10-09  FTO - bogged down off perimeter also 31-Dec-43 REM
1944-02-10  FTR - Fighters - Hannover, Germany
1944-02-10  FTR - Fighters - Hannover, Germany

Pilot Info

Crew: 1 KIA, 9 POW

Related Info: : SCOGGINS, ARTHUR E




Reilly's Racehorse Art Plate (courtesy of Mark Styling)

B-3 jacket artwork for Reilly's Racehorse

LD-O 230062 Terry N' Ten (TNT), Bastard's Bungalow in August 1943. Photo courtesy of Jim Potts Daughter Eileen Potts Smith

230062 LD-O  Terry N Ten (from the collection of James Potts) 

Thomas J. Reilly Crew (left to right)
Standing: M. Rubinfeld, T. Gribble, E. Good, C. Lottes, W. Ickes, W. Wilson
Crew's second mission (Gilsenkirchen - 5 Nov 43). Nearly didn't make it back. The Racehorse was shot up badly, especially the rear and tail (63 holes), and Reilly landed the plane on two engines. Good's flak suit saved him.
Photo courtesy of Dwight Patrick (son of Tommy Gribble)) 

Thomas J. Reilly crew after the 25th mission for most of the crew to Brunswick on 29 Feburary 1944. Kneeling from left to right; George E. Kinsella, Thomas J. Reilly - squadron commander, Everett Blakely ( Sqdn CO) Curtis V. Martin, Edward J. Higham and Earl Richardson 

Standing; Charles H. Lottes, William H. Ickes, William R. Wilson, M. Rubinfeld, J. T. Pyles (replacement for original E. Good), Thomas L. Gribble and the crew chief, Wally Jack. Detailed Information Photo courtesy of Dwight Patrick (son of Tommy Gribble) Identification courtesy of William R. Wilson, Jr. (son of W. R. Wilson)  

Reilly's Racehorse B-3 Jacket