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Aircraft: 297564

Lead PFF aircraft with Capt Kincannon and Maj Magee Fuller taking off on July  20, 1944  
Flak hit between the No. 2 engine and the fuselage on the bomb run. The propellers on the left side both ran away but there was no fire. The aircraft left the formation and returned with escorts from the 361st Fighter Group. 564 made an emergency landing about 10 km southeast of Breda, Holland. The crews successfully set the aircraft afire. This B-17 was not a 100th aircraft and was on detached service from the 95th, a sister group of the 100th also in the 13th Combat Wing.

NAMES: Belle of Berlin
Pathfinder Aircraft
95th Bomb Group
335 BS OE-F
MACR: 07414 SQUADRONS: 418 LD-


A Pathfinder aircraft (95th Bomb Group), named "Belle of Berlin" while assigned to the 95th Bomb Group --- code OE-F


1943-12-22   Accepted into inventory
1943-12-22  Denver
1944-01-14  Langley
1944-02-03  Assigned to UK 96th BG
1944-06-21  First Operational Sortie 95th BG
1944-07-20  FTR - Flak crash landed Leuven, Belgium
0000-00-00   42 miles North North East of the city of Louvain
1944-07-20  FTR - Flak crash landed Leuven, Belgium

Pilot Info

Crew: (7 POW, 4 RMC) - E&E 1842, 1843, 1844



    Pilot Capt. Francis C. Kincannon -or- Maj. Magee C. Fuller	


Delivered Denver 22/12/43; 1SAG Langley 17/1/44; Assigned 413BS/96BG [MZ-J] Snetterton (H2X) 4/2/44; transferred 418BS/100BG [LD- ] Thorpe Abbotts 2/44; 5 missions. Missing in Action Merseburg 20 July 1944 as PATHFINDER ship, with Pilot Captain Francis C. Kincannon, Co-pilot: Bernard L. Farnum, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Daniel B. Deason, Radio Operator: Oscar L. Edge, Right Waist gunner: Glen E. Snider, Tail gunner: Robert D. Chavez, Major Magee C. Fuller mission Command pilot (7 Prisoner of War); Navigator: Louis H. Abramowitz (changed his name to Abbott after the war), Navigator: George E. Bonitz, Bombardier: Captain Robert E. Nance, Left Waist gunner: Daniel M. Cargile, Captain Henry C. Griffis radar navigator (5 evaded capture and got back to base after help from Dutch and Belgian citizens and members of the Résistance). Flak shell hit wing, did not explode, but pierced gas tanks; ship fell out of formation and hit by fighters. Plane force-landed just South of Chaam, SE of Breda, Holland. Missing Air Crew Report - MACR 7414. On Detached Service from 95thBG, may have carried the name "Belle of Berlin" ?