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Aircraft: 297126

 "THE LATEST RUMOR" 351st aircraft (100th Photo Archives) 

The Latest Rumor over England in 1945. 

NAMES: The Latest Rumor



The Latest Rumor


1944-01-29   Cheyenne
1944-01-31  Accepted into Inventory
1944-02-12  Alexandria
1944-03-04  Presque Isle
1944-03-05  Assigned to UK
1945-05-15  NCS - Horsching AF, Austria - Lt. Joseph A. Drottar
1945-05-24   Salvaged
1945-05-24  Salvaged

Pilot Info

Crew: N/A

Related Info: : N/A, N/A


    A/C flew 126 missions. Undercarriage collapsed upon landing at Horching AF in Austria by Lt Drottar.  	


The Latest Rumor Crash site of 351st aircraft EP-D (100th Photo Archives) 

 This is an official army photo of "THE LATEST RUMOR" nose art sent to me by a Richard Rock who gave me permission to use that photo, with official army id and numbers on it. Courtesy Joe Hall Collection 

The ground crew of "The Latest Rumor" (from the collection of Bill Carleton)

 Full side view of the B-17G "THE LATEST RUMOR" as taken by Joe Hall. Courtesy Joe Hall Collection 

 Full front view of "THE LATEST RUMOR" showing the two inside engines off the plane to be rebuilt... bare engine mounts showing. Courtesy Joe Hall Collection 

 "THE LATEST RUMOR" (100th Photo Archives) 

The Latest Rumor with undercarriage failure at Horching AF in Austria, 5/15/1945 Lt Drottar was Pilot. (100th BG Archives)

The Latest Rumor with undercarriage failure at Horching AF in Austria May 15, 1945, Lt Drottar was Pilot

The Latest Rumor on Hardstand 

EP-D The Latest Rumor pulling into hardstand. Photo courtesy of Al Arreola collection. 

The Latest Rumor (A/C 42-97126), Wilbur Kreamer's A-2 jacket. Wilbur was the CP on the 2nd Lt. Armand Munoz crew.

 T/Sgt J. Ingram and Sgt Jimmy Ball (ground crew) "THE LATEST RUMOR" 

 This is a photo of "Shorty." He was on the ground crew and was working on Joe Hall's bomber at the time. His job was to keep those four huge engines on "THE LATEST RUMOR" running at their best Courtesy Joe Hall Collection 

 The Armand Munoz Crew with The Latest Rumor. L to R Front: Frank Popoli, Armand Munoz, Wilbur Kreamer. Back: Jack Ford, Sal DiBartolo, George Holden, Red Schneider, Bob Shuck, Frank Accordino. (Photo from the John Ford collection, courtesy of Mark Harrington) Munoz crew information 

 "THE LATEST RUMOR" with her Ground Crew: Standing from left; (Last names only are available) Joe Niehaus (The Crew Chief), N. B. Newsome, and Bald. Kneeling is Ingram. (100th Photo Archives) 

Ralph N. Grover, Jr. Crew (left to right)
Standing: Robert L. Mayton, Ralph N. Grover, Jr., Cornelius J. O'Leary and John B. Murphy
Kneeling: Wilburn E. Rice, Clifford E. Sherman, Jr. and Howard T. Callaway.
Photo courtesy of Cornelius J. O'Leary