Crew PILOT: Charles A.  BROOKS

 The Charles A. Brooks crew: Standing (Left to Right), Paul A. Levy (Gerald Putnam crew), Charles A. Brooks, Robert E. McCormick (L. R. Morgan crew), and Albert H. Mikkelsen (had his own crew). Kneeling, R. E. Cliff (Sammy Barr crew), James Dougherty (Victor Reed crew), Durio, Kenneth Lash (L. R. Morgan crew), David C. Lyon (L. R. Morgan crew) and Ernest R. Gomez (L. R. Morgan crew) Detailed Information (100th Photo Archives) 

Crew Members:

Crew 2

NBR Person Position Status
1 F/O Charles A. BROOKS CP/P CPT


 Charles A. Brooks is the captain in this photo. This is a pick up crew as listed on the bottom of the Brooks crew page. Brooks is the captain at this point and Albert Mikkelsen (even though a pilot with his own crew) was probably on a check out mission with Brooks when this photo was taken. Pilots usually flew at least one mission with an experienced crew before leading his crew into battle. Detailed Information (100th Photo Archives)