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ID Pilot Last Name First Name  
12 ADAIR James C.
19 ADAMS Alonzo P.
33 AKERS Robert T.
48 ALF Herbert A.
57 ALLEN George S.
68 ALVO Milton
72 AMIERO Albert F.
90 ANDERSON Thomas I.
79 ANDERSON Marquard J.
91 ANDERSON Vermont O.
112 APPLETON William S.
115 ARCHER John H.
121 ARMSTRONG David A.
138 ASKE Alf
140 ATCHISON Richard B.
146 AUBUCHON Edward W.
177 BAILEY Walter E.
195 BAKER Carl K.
187 BAKER Charles E.
199 BALDWIN William E.
220 BARKER Alvin L.
233 BARNHILL Woodrow B.
237 BARR Sam L.
240 BARRICK Samuel L.
249 BARTON Sherwin L.
254 BASS William H.
274 BAYLEY Harold B.
277 BAZIN Lawrence L.
283 BEATTY Maurice E.
287 BECK Richard A.
296 BECKTOFT Arthur H.
297 BEDDOW William M.
93877 BEIK Leland L.
319 BENNETT Luther G.
353 BETHEA Harry E.
362 BIDDICK Curtis R.
363 BIDDICK Pete
385 BLACKMAN William B.
392 BLAKELY Everett E.
396 BLANDING Charles B.
405 BLOHM Raymond E.
406 BLONDFIELD Elwood F.
460 BOVENZI James J.
499 BRADY John D.
504 BRALEY Ronald W.
509 BRANNAN George W.
524 BREWER Gerald A.
551 BROOKS Charles A.