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SERIAL #: 32764696 STATUS: KIA
MACR: 03023 CR: 03023

Comments1: 6 MAR 44 BERLIN (EAC - EXP)




1st Lt Edward Handorf            P    KIA   6/3/44 Berlin
2nd Lt Frederick G.Spence     CP   KIA     " 
2nd Lt John W.Dewey          NAV  KIA     "
 2nd Lt Norman L.Rasmussen  BOM KIA     " 
T/Sgt Henry C.Verdeur       ROG    KIA     " 
T/Sgt Charles H.Ford          TTE     KIA     "
S/Sgt Allen D.Horton          BTG    KIA     " 
S/Sgt John L.Willsey          RWG    POW   "
S/Sgt John J.Gverovich      LWG    KIA     " 
S/Sgt Fair C.Lawrence         TG    POW     " (fractured thigh)

35tst Sqdn. Crew,as above,is taken from the MACR. 

On 8/1/44 Lt.Spence,Lt.Rasmussen and Sgts Horton,Willsey,and Gverovich joined the 100th Also in Jan.1944, Lt.Handorf,Lt.Dewey & Sgts 
Verdeur & Ford were assigned to the 351st. On 6/3/44,this crew was flying as Deputy Group 
lead and assumed the lead position when the leader was shot down. The formation was enroute 
home when a ME 109 came in at 1 o'clock low and sprayed front of A/C with 20mm. Wing tanks 
began to burn and Willsey Says he "pulled the emergency bomb bay door release,snapped on my 
chute,and tapped the pilot on the shoulder. He and the co pilot were getting ready to bail 
out. I stepped through the open bomb bay doors and,while still in the prop wash,the air 
craft blew up blowing the TG clear. I delayed opening my chute until going through the last 
layer of clouds about 10,000 feet. The TG & I landed about 60 yards apart. Lawrence had his 
leg broken and told me to try to escape and leave him alone. About 3 hours later I was 
captured by some German civi1ians with shot guns."

Willsey states that this was his ninth mission.



TARGET: Berlin DATE: 1944-03-06  
AIRCRAFT: "Kind-A-Ruff" (42-38011) CAUSE: ME-109 & Explosion  


PLOT: A ROW: 41  
GRAVE: 54 CEMETERY: Ardennes, Neuville-en-Cond, Belgium  
ID: 2093