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MACR: 03023 CR: 03023

Comments1: 6 MAR 44 BERLIN (EAC)




1st Lt Edward Handorf               P     KIA   6/3/44 BERLIN
2nd Lt Frederick G.Spence       CP      KIA  6/3/44 BERLIN
2nd Lt John W.Dewey           NAV     KIA   6/3/44 BERLIN
 2nd Lt Norman L.Rasmussen  BOM     KIA   6/3/44 BERLIN
T/Sgt Henry C.Verdeur          ROG     KIA   6/3/44 BERLIN
T/Sgt Charles H.Ford             TTE     KIA   6/3/44 BERLIN
S/Sgt Allen D.Horton             BTG    KIA    6/3/44 BERLIN
S/Sgt John L.Willsey             RWG    POW  6/3/44 BERLIN
S/Sgt John J.Gverovich         LWG    KIA    6/3/44 BERLIN
S/Sgt Fair C.Lawrence             TG    POW  6/3/44 BERLIN(fractured thigh)

35tst Sqdn. Crew,as above,is taken from the MACR #3023/ Micro-fiche #1022 A/C #42-38011 "Kind A Ruff" 

On 8/1/44 Lt.Spence,Lt.Rasmussen and Sgts Horton,Willsey,and Gverovich joined the 100th Also in Jan.1944, Lt.Handorf,Lt.Dewey & Sgts 
Verdeur & Ford were assigned to the 351st. On 6/3/44,this crew was flying as Deputy Group 
lead. The formation was enroute home when a ME 109 came in at 1 o'clock low and sprayed front of A/C with 20mm. Wing tanks 
began to burn and Willsey Says he "pulled the emergency bomb bay door release,snapped on my 
chute,and tapped the pilot on the shoulder. He and the co pilot were getting ready to bail 
out. I stepped through the open bomb bay doors and,while still in the prop wash,the air 
craft blew up blowing the TG clear. I delayed opening my chute until going through the last 
layer of clouds about 10,000 feet. The TG & I landed about 60 yards apart. Lawrence had his 
leg broken and told me to try to escape and leave him alone. About 3 hours later I was 
captured by some German civilians with shot guns."….Willsey states that this was his ninth mission.

Letter From 2nd Lt Norman Rasmussen to "Winnie", Feb 11, 1944


Dear Winnie,
 Come on, lets loosen up with that right hand of yours and jot me down an letter.  
Ginny said she saw you at Christmas time but that’s all she wrote. It isn't any fun to be over
here and if I ever come back, I'll really be lucky.  I've been raising a little hell everytime I bomb
the bastards but the war keeps on and on. I've also seen things that scare the hell our to me
and boy this is worse that running the "old Wheel Scraper" Ha! Ha!  Lets laugh on that one.
It isn't any use to complain over here because if I started in, I'd never get through.   All I've got 
to do now is fight my way out of it and it isn't a paper sack that I'm in.  I got a letter from Helen
today and I also wrote to Dad.  I remember the night I went to see him, he sure hated to see
me go and he came out to the car and said "SON, YOU'LL MAKE IT". 
 We've sure been through Hell in our time but by gooly this it the worse I've been in.
Bob got in the Air Corp and if he makes out okay, he'll be a Lt. also. Pretty damn good he 
kept on till he made it.  If a fellow has the ability, it soon comes out when your in the Army.
This War is a funny business, everything happens so fast in the air that I'm not scared
till I get back on the ground. It never pays to think about it or a guy won't last in enemy territory.
If you are looking for excitement, you should go along with me once and you'd know what I mean.
 Ginny has a picture of my outfit, did you ever see it? I'd really appreciate a box of 
candy because us boys over here never get anything.  People at home don't know how
tough it is.  Well I won't write anymore unless I hear from you, so goodbye.

Letter from 2nd Lt Norman Rasmussen to Velma (his Sister) Feb 23, 1944


Dear Velma,
 I was plenty glad to get a letter from you and its nice to hear you are still in 
Indian Head.  Bob was lucky to get leave and I'll bet Kitty was plenty glad to see him. Boy!
he isn't going to have it easy in cadets.  That's the roughest outfit a fellow can get into but its 
sure nice to get wings and become an officer.
 I got a letter from Ginny today and she told me about Bob.  Man, she sure thought Bob 
was something and told me I ought to be proud of him because both of the Rasmussen's might
be officers.  Just one to go and I wish Bob all the luck I can because I've been through it and its
plenty hard..  Have you got a picture of my bunch thats flying over her together? Ginny has one
if you are interested to see our good outfit.
 By golly, I've really been in combat and I don't mean maybe. You ought to see a big 
air battle.  Mom would be plenty worried if she could see me now so I didn't write to her.
Velma, I got up at 3 O'Clock in the moring and ate breakfast, never showed up for dinner
 and finally got back by night, so you can see what a fellow goes through.  It's T.S. and I 
should see the Chaplain.  Well, people don't understand what we face so it isn't much 
use to explain it.  Ginny probably thinks I am having a good time with the English girls but it just so 
happens that I don't go out.  I'm so damn tired that I hit the bed and never wake up till I'm
ready to fly again.  
 I guess Bob will probably be at San Antonio.  I sure hope he sends me his address?
Are your eyes okay, I've been thinking about you quite a bit because I sure realize how good
you were to me.  I hope I come back and don't get shot down over enemy territory.
Well Velma Carrol, ought to make out okay also so be a good girl.  Goodbye Sis

Less than 2 weeks after this letter was written, Lt Rasmussen was KIA over Berlin on March 6, 1944
We thank his Family for sharing this personal insight into this brave young mans last 
days.....Michael Faley-100th Bomb Group Photo Archives & Historian.


  "Kind a Ruff" was shot down by  Oblt. Hans-Heinrich König of 3./JG 11.


TARGET: Berlin DATE: 1944-03-06  
AIRCRAFT: "Kind-A-Ruff" (42-38011) CAUSE: ME-109 & Explosion  


GRAVE: Wall/Misng CEMETERY: Netherlands Cemetery/Margraten  


 Edward Handorf crew. Norman Rasmussen is kneeling at far right. Detailed Information (100th Photo Archives) 

Lt Handorf Crew Photo ID . Courtesy of  Clarissa Dewey Butler

German KU report Courtesy of  Clarissa Dewey Butler

On Jun 15, 2015, at 7:23 AM,   wrote:

Jardinghausen is a small village and there´s only one plane-crash in world war II. “Luftgaumeldung” of 06.03.1944 says a B-17 crashed in Jardinghausen. The witness knows a four-mot Airplane and several dead men lying around the crashplace.
Matthias Zeisler

John Willsey Berlin Mission story

Edward Handorf   351st   P   Ohio   KIA   6 Mar 44   Berlin   Edward Handorf Crew   (100th Photo Archives)

 238011 EP-P "KIND’A RUFF” 351st (100th Photo Archives) Matthias Zeisler
 "Kind’a Ruff" was shot down by  Oblt. Hans-Heinrich König of 3./JG 11. According to a letter from Lt John Dewey to his parents, the nose art was to be KIND’A RUFF with a giant CORN COB underneath. Info courtesy of Clarissa Dewey Butler. 



Crew 1

ID: 2151