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SERIAL #: 37196305 STATUS: KIA
MACR: 00271 CR: 00271

Comments1: 25 JUN 43 BREMEN (EAC)




DATE: 25 June 1943, Bremen, Germany
349th Sqdn. A/C #42-3260 "ANGEL'S TIT"                 
MACR #271,   Micro-fiche 90

1st Lt Alonzo P.Adams III    P KIA
   F/O George Z.Krech        CP KIA
2nd Lt Nicholas Demchak    NAV POW
2nd Lt Jessie D.Gurley        BOM KIA
 T/Sgt John K.Sullivan        TTE KIA
 T/Sgt James D.Purcell       ROG KIA
 S/Sgt John G.Kruzich        BTG KIA
 S/Sgt Edmonde J.Walker   WG KIA
 S/Sgt Norman Asbornsen   WG KIA
 S/Sgt Bryant Hutchinson    TG KIA

According to Nick Demchak,sole survivor,they were jumped by fighters about 20 miles from the enemy coast. Demchak's statement: "My mind is a complete blank from the time we got the bail out signal until I regained Conciousness on a German boat. 2nd Lt.Gurley was in nose of ship and was not hurt when we received the bail out signal - I was firing my guns and did not hear the signal but Gurley informed me. I believe Adams and Krech were severely wounded or killed by a burst of machine gun fire which came quite close to me and from the angle appeared to enter the cockpit.Directly after that the bail out signal was given. I believe the plane exploded at that moment and the rest of the crew were killed by the explosion or rendered unconscious and unable to operate their chutes. The German boat that picked me up said they did not see anyone else."

The bodies of Adams and Asbornsen must have been recovered but all of the others appear on the Wall of The Missing at Madingly.

This was the 1st mission for this crew.

Message From: 
Sent: Wednesday, August 08, 2001 2:06 PM
Subject: Re: B-17: "Angel's Tit"

In a telephone conversation I had with Uncle Nick last night (he's in 
Massachusetts and I'm in Florida), he provided a bit of info that you might 
already have, but here goes...

"The inherent problem with the mission that "Angel's Tit" and the other planes were on was the fact that they had no escorts. The bombers could merely cruise and were way out maneuvered by the smaller, quicker Messerschmidts who were right on their tails. 
The Germans had open target practice on the B-17s and were able to pick them off at will. He was amazed at the amount of victories attributed to the fighter pilot who shot his plane down, and quickly acknowledged that each was just doing their job. "

Nicholas Demchak, last survivor of "Angel's tit" 's crew 
died on October 5, 2001 and was buried on October 10.
We shall never forget his bravery.


POW/KIA notes: Original 100th, Crew #2 .  Wall of The Missing at Madingly


TARGET: Bremen DATE: 1943-06-25  
AIRCRAFT: "Angel's Tit" (42-3260) CAUSE: EAC  


GRAVE: Wall/Misng CEMETERY: Cambridge Military Cemetery  


 John G. Kruzich 349th BTG Iowa KIA 25 Jun 43 Bremen Alonzo P. Adams, III Crew 

Back Row (L-R): Nicholas Demchak, Norman Asbornsen, John Kruzich, Bryant Hutchinson, Front Row (L-R): Edmonde Walker, John Sullivan, Jesse Gurley, George Krech, James Purcell (photo courtesy of Doris Richardson)

Jesse Gurley, John Kruzich, and James Purcell (courtesy of Doris Richardson)



Crew 1

ID: 2937