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 2nd Lt. Eugene E. Lockhart, Bombardier, KIA 3 FEB 45.. Originally assigned to the Oren E. Hopkins crew, Eugene was flying with the John P. Ernst crew, with Robert Rosenthal as Command Pilot, on the 3 Feb 45 Berlin mission. Hopkins crew information | Ernst Crew Information Lockhard Memorial (Photo courtesy of Lockhart family and They Fought For Freedom) 

MACR: 12046 CR: 12046

Comments1: 3 FEB 45 BERLIN (GND ROCKERS)




2nd Lt   Oren E. Hopkins           P POW 5 NOV 44 THIONVILLE
2nd Lt   Foy E. Read             CP POW 5 NOV 44 THIONVILLE
2nd Lt   Forrest Gordon      NAV POW 5 NOV 44 THIONVILLE
2nd Lt   Eugene E. Lockhart     BOM  KIA  3 FEB 45  BERLIN   with the Ernst PFF crew; see below
    Cpl   Henry B. Marlette     TTE POW 5 NOV 44 THIONVILLE
    Sgt   Kenneth E. Yeater  ROG POW 5 NOV 44 THIONVILLE
    Cpl   Arthur B. Crush, Jr.  BTG POW 5 NOV 44 THIONVILLE
    Cpl   Harold Farlow         WG POW 5 NOV 44 THIONVILLE
    Cpl  Charles W. Koons, Jr.  WG CPT 15 MAR 45 (Crew
    Cpl  Eugene E. Jamison      TG POW 5 NOV 44 THIONVILLE

351st Sqdn.   Crew , as above,  joined the 100th Group on 4/8/44.  On 5/11/44. Lt Robert J. Doucette,  BOM  from
the crew of J.P.Ernst (see below),  was flying  with this crew and became a POW.  Lt  Eugene E. Lockhart was flying with the Pathfinder crew of J.P.Ernst on 3/2/45 when he was KIA.  Charles W. Koons, Jr. was removed at the crew reduction to nine men..

 EYEWITNESS:  "A/C #520 appeared to be in trouble shortly after leaving the I.P. at 1102 hours.  Bombs were salvoed and one engine feathered.  The A/C stayed in formation to the R.P. (rally point…pw) where another engine was feathered and the aircraft began a gradual controlled descent.  When last seen the aircraft was below the cloud level at six or seven thousand feet,  heading in a westerly direction under apparent control."

 German report in the MACR is to the effect this aircraft, badly damaged by flak,  made an emergency landing and seven (7) crew members were captured.  Other documents list all nine of the crew as captured and Sgt. Kenneth E. Yeater in the hospital. 
John Ernst Pathfinder crew of 3 Feb 1945 (Eugene E. Lockhart with this crew when KIA)

 Feb 3, 1945   BERLIN          MACR #12046,           A/C#44 8379

Maj Robert Rosenthal           Command Pilot     Landed in Russian Lines
Capt John Ernst                        P                  POW
1st Lt Arthur I.Jacobson          CP                  POW  (from Crew of Lt. G. Brown)
1st Lt Stewart J. Gillison      Command NAV     EVA   (from Crew of Lt W. Terminello)
1st Lt Louis C. Chappel           NAV                 KIA     (from Crew of Lt W.J. Wilson)
1st Lt Robert H. Stropp       Radar NAV          Landed in Russian Lines
1st Lt Eugene E. Lockhart     BOM                  KIA   (from the Crew of Lt Oren Hopkins)
T/Sgt Charles H. Webber     ROG                Landed in Russian Lines 
T/Sgt Dugger C. West        TTE                  POW
S/Sgt Warren Winters         WG                  POW
S/Sgt G.A. Windisch            TG                  Landed in Russian Lines
Ernst's leg amputated  in German Hospital night of 3/2/45 & he was soon exchanged.

See "CONTRAILS" p.131 & S.O.C. p.95. Also p.219/223 of "FLYING FORTRESS" by E.Jablonski.

EYEWITNESS REPORT from MACR #  "A/C #44 8379 was hit by flak,reported to be a ground 
rocket a few seconds before bombs away. A/C continued on run and dropped bombs. Fire and 
dense white smoke was seen in the fuselage and bomb bay,including the cockpit. Bomb bay 
doors closed and then reopened.Pilot opened his window and peeled gently off to the 
right,directing deputy leader to take over on VHF. A/C headed NE and flew level for a few 
moments while six members bailed out (3 appeared to come from waist or tail and 3 from 
bomb bay..There was a small explosion in #3 engine nacelle and thd A/C headed down,burning 
and beginning to spin when last seen at 15/000 feet. Observers believe entire crew had an 
excellent chance to bail out."



TARGET: Berlin DATE: 1945-02-03  
AIRCRAFT: (44-8679) CAUSE: Ground Rockets  


GRAVE: Wall/Misng CEMETERY: Netherlands Cemetery/Margraten  
ID: 3160