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Comments1: 15 APRIL 45 ROYAN, FR.




Lt.  Albert A. Prestholdt                               Pilot  CPT 15 April 1945  Royan, Fr.
Lt.   John W. Hard                                Co-Pilot  CPT 15 April 1945   Royan, Fr.
Lt.  Robert E. Kirby                                Navigator FEH Became Lead Navigator after 5-10 Missions
S/Sgt. Orval "Casey" Siefers               Waist Gunner CPT 15 April 1945  Royan, Fr. ( moved to Toggelier when Kirby left crew)
T/Sgt  Jack W. Marsh                              Engineer CPT 15 April 1945  Royan, Fr.
T/Sgt.  David C. Reynolds                  Radio Operator CPT 15 April 1945  Royan, Fr.
S/Sgt. Paul  E. Hall                               Ball Turrett CPT 15 April 1945  Royan, Fr.
S/Sgt. Arnet L. Jaberg                     Waist Gunner CPT 15 April 1945  Royan, Fr.
S/Sgt. Vesper N. Maxted                       Tail Gunner CPT 15 April 1945  Royan, Fr. (nicknamed "Kansas Kid")

Crew assigned to 100th BG, 418th Squadron, Nov 5. 1944.  Crew flew 35 missions.  Finished tour in A/C 48616 LD-Z
Had to crash land 3 times due to battle damage. Once at Thorpe Abbotts (31/12/44) and twice in Belgium.

The Bombardier for the crew was taken off before they were assigned overseas.  He was eventually killed in an accident in Tampa Florida when the pilot lined up on the wrong runway.  Lt Prestholdt used fill in Bomb for the remainder of his tour.  F/O Charlie Benyunes flew some missions as Navigator with this crew.  Nav. Lt Kirby was the last to join the crew in Tampa. The crew was together for 3 1/2 months before being assigned overseas.  (Albert Angus Prestholdt mpf 2001)

Dec 31, 1944-HAMBURG:
"During the bomb run we had two engines shot out.  #3 Engine was blown completely off by flak and #4 was hit by flak.  Saw Lt Hendersons plane collide with Lt Williams plane.  Both planes went down locked together, what a long way down!  We turned off the target right into the fighters.  Our aircraft was a sieve from flak and fighters.  We came back on the deck with our engines red lined just to keep her in the air.  Was afraid we would not make England but did not want to ditch in North Sea at that time of year.  We arrived back to base very late that night.  12 A/C lost."  (Albert Prestholdt mpf 2001)   

UNAME = John W. Hard M.D.
CONNECTION = I am a 100th veteran
COMMENTS = The caption under the photograph of A.A. Prestholdt's crew indicates that you do not have the date we joined the Bloody Hundreth.  It was November 5, 1944.

Bob Kirby came over with our crew and after several missions, was moved up to squadron navigator.  Orval Seifers then was switched from WG position to toggelier.  I'm really sorry that I can't list our 35 missions  All of my 8th AF records were lost many years ago in a fire.  I'll check to see if Angus (Prestholdt) might possibly have them.  If I can locate this information, I'll send it to you.
John Hard (Co-Pilot)


   Orval "Casey" Siefers 

DORRANCE -- Orval "Casey" Siefers, 84, Dorrance, died on Monday, March 9, 2009, at the Golden Living Center in Wilson, Kansas. 

Casey was born Nov. 15, 1924, near Wilson to John and Sarah (Peirano) Siefers. He attended Wilson schools and graduated from Wilson High School in 1943. Casey joined the U.S. Army in October of 1943 and served in the 8th Air Force, 3rd Division, 13th Wing, l00th Bomb Group, 418th Squadron, until his discharge in November of 1945. He was credited with flying 33 missions on a B-17 bomber from England to Germany.





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