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SERIAL #: 13056384 STATUS: KIA
MACR: 01028 CR: 01028

Comments1: 10 OCT 43 MUNSTER (EAC)



     Crew #31           418th Sqdn. M.A.C.R. #1028

Mission:Munster Aircraft #42-30725
Date: 10 Oct.1943
Time: 1500/1530 "AW-R-GO"
A/C last seen: Munster

Crew aboard: Charles B.Cruikshank Capt.     P POW
 Glenn E.Graham 1st Lt.   CP POW
 Frank D.Murphy Capt.     NAV POW
 August H.Gaspar 1st Lt   . BOM POW
 Orlando E.Vincenti T/Sgt ROG KIA
 Leonard R.Weeks T/Sgt.    TTE POW
 Robert L.Bixler S/Sgt.    BTG POW
 James M.Johnson S/Sgt  .  WG POW
 Donald B.Garrison S/Sgt.    WG POW
 Charles A.Clark Sgt.  TG KIA

Crew on 21st mission. Weeks said that Vincenti bailed out of bomb-bay with chute afire. Had been fighting fire in radio room.

Garrison saw both James Johnson & Robert Bixler wounded and in waist of plane. Plane blew up and Garrison blown out. Ship had dropped bombs on target.

Weeks said; "Germans said Vincenti's chute had burned in the descent and that he was dead before hitting the ground. Bixler said Germans had shown him Vincenti's dog tags and told him that he was dead."

Johnson said he was blown out of ship and his chute opened at about 5,000 ft.

Clark couldn't seem to get his escape hatch open and was probably killed when plane blow up.

Fighter attack caused fire in ship.

German Records show :Sgt. Charles A. Clark interred on 11 )ct 1943 at Lienen Cemetary/Wesph. Northwestern
third of cemetary, southern grave.

   O.E.Vincenti northern grave

(probably entirely burnt since Id tsg was found burnt,too.) Mrs.Agnes Clark 603 Laurel Ave. Highland Park,Ill.



TARGET: Munster DATE: 1943-10-10  
AIRCRAFT: "AW-R-GO" (42-30725) CAUSE: EAC & Fire - Explosion  




 The Charles B. Cruikshank crew in Telergua, Algeria, 17 Aug 1943. Crew #31 just after landing. L-R A. August H. Gaspar, Charles A. Clark, James M. Johnson, Robert Bixler, Frank D. Murphy, Donald B. Garrison, Leonard R. Weeks, Orlando E. Vincenti. The pilot Charles B. Cruikshank is kneeling. Charles Clark and Orlando Vincenti were to be killed almost two month later at Munster (10 Oct 1943) Detailed Information (100th Photo Archives) 

 Charles B. Cruikshank crew taken at Gowen Field, Idaho in Novermber 1942. Standing (Left to Right); Charles Mertz, August H. "Augie" Gaspar, Frank D. Murphy and Charles B. Cruikshank. Kneeling; Orlando E. Vincenti, Charles A. Clark, Robert L. Bixler, Robert D. Lepper, S/Sgt Pepper and James M. Johnson. Detailed Information Photo courtesy of Frank D. Murphy John Brady Crew in North Africa after the Regensburg Mission 17 Aug 1943 Detailed Information (100th Photo Archives) Four 100th B-17s over the Alps, top "Cowboy" Roane in "LADEN MAIDEN," 2nd from top (smaller image) Henry Henington in "HORNY," center Bob Wolff in "WOLF PACK, lower "Bucky" Egan and "Crankshaft" Cruikshank in "MUGWUMP" Detailed Information (100th Photo Archives) 

 Standing, James Johnson, Don Garrison, Vincenti (killed in action), Kneeling, Lt. Gus Gasper (Lt. Cruikshanks crew) Picture taken at site 5. Karl Treanor collection 



Crew 1

ID: 5332