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S/SGT  Michael F. DARCY

SERIAL #: 32443852 STATUS: EVA
MACR: 00000 CR: 00000

Comments1: 3 SEP 43 BEAUMONT Le ROGER (COLLIDED WITH 100TH B-17 42-30089)




2nd Lt Charles B. Winkelman        P      EVADEE 3/9/43  PARIS    SN# O-738320
2nd Lt Ralph D. Smith                 CP     EVADEE 3/9/43  PARIS     SN# O-801345
2nd Lt William H. Booth            NAV     EVADEE 3/9/43  PARIS     SN# O-800093
2nd Lt Howard M. Harris           BOM     EVADEE 3/9/43  PARIS     SN# O-676325
  T/Sgt Thomas E. Combs         TTE     EVADEE 3/9/43  PARIS     SN# 14134640    Taps 1983
  T/Sgt Jean E. Ray                  ROG      POW     3/9/43  PARIS     SN# 37426256
  S/Sgt Thomas L. Cuccaro       BTG      POW     3/9/43  PARIS     SN# 32437605
  S/Sgt Michael F. Darcy           WG      EVADEE 3/9/43  PARIS     SN# 32443852
  S/Sgt Alfred J. Zeoli               WG      EVADEE 3/9/43  PARIS     SN# 31042353
  S/Sgt Ennis M. Bankhead        TG      KIA       3/9/43  PARIS     SN# 38220710

349th Sqdn.  Crew, as above, joined 100th Group on 25/8/43. 
No MACR in national archives files.  A/C #42-30035 "TORCHY"

Crew was on its first mission - Paris.  Apparently a 100th Group a/c came up below the a/c
of this crew and one of its props chewed into the tail assembly killing Bankhead.  In 1981
correspondence with Thomas Combs he explained that he became separated from the rest of
the crew after bail out.  Combs  was aided by French patriots and underground.  Spent 3 months
in Paris then down to southern border and crossed Pyrenees in Dec. and was flown back to
England arriving 3 Jan. 1944 exactly 4 months after being shot down.  Winkelman got back
about 2 months later.

"TORCHY" was the a/c flown overseas by the crew of Sam L. Barr.  It was named after the
wife of James R. Brown, navigator of the crew.

Sgt. Bankhead is buried in the Epinal American cemetary.

I note a little error into Evaders' pages: About crewmen of Torchy serial 42-30035 (E&E167, 258, 259, 271, 272 303, and 468.) I read (^) Dhusson-Longueville, France. Sorry, is not D'Huisson-Longueville but precisely Cerny (91). I was searching about the S/Sgt Ennis Bankhead killed in his turret by propellers of Sunny serial 42-30089 and I hope a marble plate in honor to him. According to witnesses The Torchy was crashed in 48° 28' 11.09'' N / 02° 19' 46.97'' E on juridiction of Cerny…..Jean Robin.



TARGET: Paris DATE: 1943-09-03  
AIRCRAFT: "Torchy" (42-30035) CAUSE: COLLIDED with A/C 42-30089  




Charles B. Winkelman Crew: Standing from left: Thomas E. Combs - TTE, Jean E. Ray - ROG, Thomas Cuccaro - BTG,  Michael F.  Darcy - WG, and Ennis M. Bankhead - TG.  Kneeling: Charles B. Winkelman - Pilot, Ralph D. Smith - CP, William H. Booth - NAV and Howard M. Harris - BOM, This crew was shot down 3 Sep 43 near Paris, France. Seven of this crew evaded capture and returned to Military Control, two were POWs and the Tail Gunner Ennis Bankhead was KIA. This aircraft was involved in the massive collision of 100th aircraft at Paris on 3 Sep 43.   Detailed Information    (100th Photo Archives)



Crew 1

ID: 1169