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Frank P. McGlinchey - 350th BOM on the William H. McDonald crew   (100th Photo Archives)

MACR: 00952 CR: 00952

Comments1: 8 OCT 43 BREMEN




2nd Lt William H.McDonald      P    EVA/POW 8 OCT 43  BREMEN    SN# O-672372
2nd Lt John L.James,Jr.         CP    POW        8 OCT 43  BREMEN    SN# O-802401
2nd Lt Carl L.Spicer              NAV  EVADEE   8 OCT 43  BREMEN    SN# O-671130
2nd Lt Frank P.McGlinchey  BOM EVA/POW 8 OCT 43  BREMEN    SN# O-676329
T/Sgt Fred Pribish                ROG  POW       8 OCT 43  BREMEN    SN# 16101002
T/Sgt Charles S.Ashbaugh    TTE   POW       8 OCT 43  BREMEN    SN# 33292542
S/Sgt Ross W.Detillion          BTG  POW       8 OCT 43  BREMEN    SN# 39455581
S/Sgt Douglas H.Agee         LWG  KIA         8 OCT 43  BREMEN    SN# 18124795
S/Sgt Victor P.Intoccia        RWG  POW       8 OCT 43  BREMEN    SN# 32435988
S/Sgt Paul G.Sears                TG  POW        8 OCT 43  BREMEN   SN# 15337608

MACR #952,Micro fiche #315
A/C #42 30318  "SALVO SAL"  LN-S

350th Sqdn. Crew,as above,joined 100th Group on 25/8/43.
Tenth mission for crew. Target,Bremen   Time 1500 hours approx.  
Ship was leading 2nd element of the high sqdn. Agee was struck by a 20mm about 30 
minutes before crew bailed out over Holland. German Medical Report in MACR 
says " . . Shot in both lungs and bled to death".Body was interred on 
12/l0/43 at Beetsterswang Cemetary(Friesland) Row 21,Grave 26.

Douglas H. Agee
100th Bomber Group

Correction: Agee was struck by a 20mm about 30 minutes before crew bailed out over Holland. German Medical Report in MACR says " . . shot in both lungs and bled to death". Douglas Agee was buried on October 11th, 1943 at the Reformed Church at Beetsterzwaag and after war at the beginning of November 1945 reburied at the American War Cemetery Margraten (province Limburg), the Netherlands. The remains of SSGT Douglas H. Agee were returned to the U.S. for interment at a private cemetery in the state of Texas. 

All others bailed out over Holland and were taken prisoner..Aircraft crashed near the
Zuider Zee in western Holland. 

Carl Spicer was helped by Dutch underground and later joined Jack Justice,pilot 
of the 349th Sqdn. Who was shot down on 10/10/43. Also,see p.109 of "THEY 
NEVER HAD IT SO GOOD". McGlinchey and McDonald were on the established escape route to Spain but were captured after more than four months at a Border Post in the Pyrenees. Spicer made it across the Spanish border and eventually returned to England in January 1943. All the POWs survived the war and were returned to military control in May 1945. 

Missions Flown by the Crew:
1.    3/9/43  Paris
2.    6/9/43  Stuttgart
3.    7/9/43  Watten
4.    9/9/43  Beauvais-Tille
5.   15/9/43  Paris
6.   16/9/43  Bordeau/LaPallice
7.   26/9/43  Paris
8.   27/9/43  Emden-Port
9.   2/10/43  Emden-Port
10. 8/10/43  Bremen-shot down

"Missions of Salvo Sal" by T/Sgt Charles S. Ashbaugh

September 3, 1943: (1) Target Renault Plant Paris, because of bad weather, bombed secondary. Beaumont le Roger
September 4, 1943 Briefied for a raid on another plant in Paris but mission scrapped before take off
September 6, 1943  (2) Taget Ball bearing plant Stuttgart Germany. Ashbaugh shot down our first German fighter, a ME109.
                                     Unable to bomb initial target.  Bombed Secondary target northwest of Paris, Nine hour flight
September 7, 1943  (3) Target-Mystery fortifications at Watton France
September 9, 1943  (4) Double raid scheduled. AM raid on airfield at Beauvais, France.  PM took off for another airfield target in 
                                   Belgium but after climbing to altitude, weather closed in and mission scrubbed.
September 15, 1943 (5) PM Mission Target Renault plant in Paris.  Tonight we got together and named our B-17-"Salvo Sal"
September 16, 1943 (6) Target-Assembly plant at Bordeaux, France.  Target obscurred and secondary target hit U-Boat instillations at
                                    La Pallice, France.  Twelve hour flight.
September 18, 1943       Briefed for a target deep in Germany but mission scrubbed just before take-off because of weather.
September 19, 1943       First 48 hour pass
September 23, 1943       Target-Airfield in Lorient, France. Just as we were about to leave the English coast, Detillion passed out
                                     in the ball turret and we unable to get him out. Aborted. Detillion okay.
September 25, 1943       Target-Stuttgart, Germany.  Weather closed in and mission scrubbed just before take-off.
September 26, 1943 (7) Target-Paris.  Target areas completely covered over by clouds. Bomb load dropped in channel on way back.
September 27, 1943 (8) Target-Emden, Germany. Our group initiated the Pathfinder set up with the Colonel in the lead ship.
September 29, 1943       Whole crew (except ball turret gunner) received the Air Medal.
October       2, 1943 (9) Target-Emden, Germany
October       8, 1943(10) BREMEN-----------------------------------------------

From Ron from the Neathelands 10/23/05

2 min after the bombing the plane was hit by flak beside the radio room no 2 engine was hit they having trouble to hold in to formation and after 15 min they were attacked by fighters first the fighters came from 3 o clock and later from 9 o clock en they damaged the plane very badly
Sgt Douglas Agee was shooting a German down en was later hit by 20 mm shells An other engine was hit and was on fire and the losing height

 This is what a Dutch eye witnesses reported  

 We saw a bomber who was attacked by a fighter at about a high of 800 mtr We could see clearly that someone was firing from the bomber and how the fighter was hit. The fighter made a crash-landing on the land of the farmer van de Velde   Later we saw some parachutes coming from the bomber.  Above Nijeberkoop the crew baled out. The plane landed just to north of Lippenhuizen 

Here is the story of one who hides Lt McDonald

When he landed with his chute he hides it. The underground contact him in a field just south of Lippenhuizen. And let them stay there until it was dark.  Then they get him to bring him in to safety and was brought to a church.  After 2 days he was brought to the house of Klaas Kerkstra
There was a a judisch girl (Reina Speelman) who was also hide from the Germans and she speak English so the can speak together. In that time we had him to learn to ride a bicycle. On a evening we brought him to Drachten and from there we was transported to the south on a escape line.

Lt Spicer and lt McGlinchey were walking to whole night until they reached a farm in the morning.  They waited until the farmer leave the farm  
Then they make contact with the farmer who invited them in his house.  They were getting a warm meal and a place to sleep.  That evening  a teacher was visit the both men who speaks English. The next day the were brought to Wolvega, to a church tower and stay there for a time 

Then they were picked up in a taxi by Tiny Mulder from Drachten. 2nd Lt Spicer was brought to the family Van De  Velden. Later the 3 men were brought by Tiny Mulder by train to Ermelo and from there McDonald and McGlinchey going to Erp to the family Otten. On 19 January both Americans were brought on a bicycle to Sevenum were they were hide by Piet en Jan Vermeeren who runs the post office. How long they stay there in not know but later they were moved on the escape line to Belgium.

McDonald and McGlinchey were later in the Pyrenees lost in a snowstorm and runs into a German patrol and became POW after a heavy interrogation. Spicer has the luck to reach Spain and on the evening before Christmas day he left Gibraltar and the next day he reaches England



TARGET: Bremen DATE: 1943-10-08  
AIRCRAFT: "Salvo Sal" (42-30818) CAUSE: FLAK-Crash Landed  




Photo of Lt McDonald and McGlinchey while evading. McGlinchey and McDonald were on the established escape route to Spain but were captured after more than four months at a Border Post in the Pyrenees



Crew 1

ID: 13460