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MACR: 07414 CR: 07414

Comments1: 20 JUL 44 MERSEBURG (FLAK)




2nd Lt Truman Hermansen     P 
2nd Lt CLifford W.Sellon       CP
2nd Lt Henry C.Griffis         NAV  EVADEE
2nd Lt Jerry E.Brian           BOM 
 S/Sgt George A.Keller        TTE
   Sgt Emil Dihlmann           ROG
   Sgt Robert N.LaRue         BTG
S/Sgt James D.Madden          WG  
  Sgt Harold R.Dorr              WG 
  Sgt Burke D.Hyatt             TG

350th Sqdn.  Crew,as above,joined the 100th Group on 28/11/43

A letter from Hermansen (April 1984) says that after 13 missions with the 100th Group, the crew (minus Griffis) was transferred to the 482BG as a Pathfinder crew. They continued at Alconbury until 29 May 1945 when all came back to the U.S. together. According to Sgt Burke Hyatt, the crew had "Werewolves" painted on their jackets.  

Griffis "was shot down over lowlands of Holland and escaped the Germans through help of patriots who hid him in a room above an Inn until liberated by the Allies." He returned to Thorpe Abbotts briefly before returning to the States. See info below.

Crew of Lt Truman Hermansen when transferred to 482nd Bomb Group, 812 Bomb Squadron,  Alconbury ( Lt Griffis transferred out of 482nd BG back to 100th BG so he could complete his missions sooner.  S/Sgt George A. Keller is replaced by Sgt Palmer at 482nd BG, reason unknown)mpf 2001

Lt Truman Hermansen   P
Lt Clifford W. Sellon      CP
Lt Harry Sparrow          NAV 
Lt Jerry E. Brian           BOM
T/Sgt Burke D. Hyatt    TTE
Sgt Emil Dihlmann         ROG
Sgt W. Palmer              BTG
S/Sgt James D. Madden  WG
Sgt Robert N. LaRue     WG
Sgt Harold R. Dorr         TG

                                              Pathfinder Aircraft

DATE: 20 July 1944  418th Sqdn.                      A/C #42-97564

MISSION: Merseburg,Ger.                             MACR #7414,Micro-fiche #2701

 Major MaGee C.Fuller          Com. P      POW
 Capt Francis C.Kincannon         P       POW
1st Lt Bernard L.Farnum          CP       POW
Capt Robert E.Nance            BOM      EVADEE
1st Lt Louis H.Abromowitz     NAV      EVADEE
  Capt Henry C.Griffis      Rad/NAV      EVADEE (see Hermansen crew/ 350th Sqdn.)
1st Lt George E.Bonitz            NAV      EVADEE
T/Sgt Daniel B.Deason           TTE       POW
T/Sgt Oscar L.Edge               ROG      POW
 S/Sgt Glen E.Snider           RWG      POW
 S/Sgt Vaniel M.Cargile        LWG       EVAVEE
 S/Sgt Robert D.Chavez          TG         POW

This A/C  was leading the mission in a Pathfinder ship which accounts for the
seven officers aboard. Major Fuller,who had flown overseas as pilot of a 349th
Sqdn. Crew in June 1943, was now C.O. of the 418th.

EYEWITNESS:  "Just as bombs were released A/C #564 received a direct hit by AA fire between #2 engine and fuselage.Shell did not explode but a large hole was torn in the wing and gasoline poured from the tanks. #2 engine feathered and A/C pulled out of formation directing deputy
leader to take over. A/C fell behind and was escorted by fighters and it was reported that #564 was heard to tell fighters over radio that it was all-right." This is all the information that interrogation of 100th "A" Group crews revealed.

From Bottisham (fighter base) to PFF War room to 100th BG the following report was received: "A/C #564 called for fighter support
after it began to lag and contact was made over channel "C" with the fighters which gave it cover. Subsequentlythe PFF had to crash
land near Louvain just east of Brusselsand prearranged plan (over channel "C") as soon as the crew had cleared the A/C the fighter
strafed and set fire to the ship. Fighter did not see PFF explode  but stated definitely that it was afire,and that all the crew was safe.



TARGET: Merseburg DATE: 1944-07-20  
AIRCRAFT: "Belle of Berlin" (42-97564) (95th BG Pathfinder) CAUSE: FLAK  


ID: 2035