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Comments1: MARCH 4, 1944 BERLIN (AWARDED DFC)




2nd Lt Carl A. Janssen                             P  CPT 4 March 44,BERLIN
2nd Lt Jack H.Oller                                 CP CPT 29 Feb  44 BRUNSWICK 
2nd Lt Frederick D.Fuller                       NAV CPT 4 March 44 BERLIN
2nd Lt James N. "Cagney" Cathey         BOM  CPT 4 March 44 BERLIN
 T/Sgt Sidney Graboyes                       ROG  CPT 4 March 44 BERLIN
 T/Sgt Earl L.Symes                             TTE  CPT 4 March 44 BERLIN
 S/Sgt Marlin Q.Boyan                          BTG  NOC
S/Sgt Vernon T.McNabb                       RWG  CPT 4 March 44 BERLIN
 S/Sgt Ronald E.Smeall                          LWG  CPT 4 March 44 BERLIN
 S/Sgt Walter E.Fisher                           TG  CPT 4 March 44 BERLIN

351st Sqdn. Crew,as above,joined the 100th Group on 28/9/43.

There is a photo of thls crew on p.213 of "CONTRAILS" which shows a Sgt. T.Chappell in the place of S/Sgt M.Q.Boyan. Crew's A/C "King Bee" SEE SPLASHER SIX" Summer 1978 re Janssen.

Crew Roster of 3/3/44 has Lt.E.R.Williams as CP in place of Oller. 2nd Lt Oller completed his 25th mission on Feb 29, 1944 mission to Brunswick.  

Missions are kept by Radio Operator Sidney Graboyes

1.  Nov 3, 1943  Wilhelmshaven  Intense Flak, few fighters
2.  Nov 5, 1943  Gelsenkerken  Light figher attackes
3.  Nov 7, 1943  Duren   Milk Run
4.  Nov 16, 1943  Rjuken, Norway  Long cold trip, Great results, Hit Heavy Water Factory
5.  Nov 26, 1943  Bremen   Intense Flak, Fighter Attacks
6.  Nov 29, 1943  Bremen   Intense Flak, Fighter Attacks
7.  Nov 30, 1943  Solingen, Ruhr Valley Moderate Flak, few fighers
8.  Dec  5, 1943  Bourdeaux  Long tiresome trip
9.  Dec.16, 1943 Bremen   Heavy Flak, Few Fighters 
10 Dec. 22, 1943 Munster   Terrific Flak, few fighters
11 Dec 24, 1943  Pas De Calais  Moderate Flak, Few Fighter attacks
12 Dec. 26, 1943 Kiel   Milk Run
13 Dec 31, 1943  Paris   Moderate Flak, No Fightes, Saw Eiffel Tower
14 Jan 4, 1944  Kiel   Heavy Flak, Few Fighter Attacks
15 Jan 5, 1944  Nuess, Ruhr Valley Heavy Flak, Few Fighter Attacks
16 Jan 11, 1944  Brunswick  Terrific Air Battles, Didn't mind flak
17 Jan 21, 1944  St Omar  Deadly Flak, Chappel Hit in Leg with Flak Made emergency Landing at RAF base.
18 Jan 29, 1944  Frankfurt  Heavy Flak, Few Fighters
19 Jan 30, 1944  Brunswick  Light Flak, Few Fighters
20 Feb 4, 1944  Frankfurt  Intense Flak, few fighters
21 Feb 20, 1944  Stettin   Many Fighter attacks, light flak
22 Feb 25, 1944  Regensburg  Long Tiresome trip, Moderate Flak, no Fighter
      Terrific Fighter support P-47's, P-38's, P-51's
23 Feb 28, 1944  St Omar  Heavy Flak, No fighter attacks
24 Feb 29, 1944  Brunswick  Light Flak, No fighter attack (Good Escort)Lt Oller Completed his 25th Mission today-That leaves us one to go
25 March 4, 1944 BERLIN   Heavy Flak, Fighter Attacks (Serving as Command Pilot with Carl Janssen 04 Mar 44 SKIPPER II Group Lead Capt. Robert L. Hughes 

The Crew Finished Today.  You never saw a happier bunch. Chappell Still in Hospital







 351st Carl A. Janssen Crew: Standing from left: Jack H. Oller - CP, Frederick D. Fuller - NAV, Carl A. Janssen - P & James M. Cathey; Kneeling from left: Ronald E. Smeall - WG, T. Chappel - BTG, Sidney Graboyes - ROG, Veron T. McNabb - WG, Walter E. Fisher - TG & Earl L Symes - TTE Detailed Information (100th Photo Archives) 


Carl Janssen Crew Stateside:  Standing from left: Smeall, Chappel, Symes, McNabb, Fisher and Graboyes. Kneeling from left: J. Oller, C. Janssen, F. D. Fuller & J. Cathey Detailed Information (100th Photo Archives) 

 Carl Janssen Crew photo taken in 1943 at Camp Pyote. Photo belonged to Sidney Graboyes, ROG. Janssen crew information. (Photo Courtesy of Jack O'Leary) 

 Carl A. Janssen crew. Detailed Information (100th Photo Archives) 



Crew 1

ID: 2562