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13th Combat Wing Commanders

13th Combat Wing

3rd Air Division Commanders (left to right)

3rd Air Division: MG Anderson, MG Partridge, MG LeMay

13th Combat Wing: (top) Col. Wittan (KIA 13 Sep 44), BG Huglin, BG Kessler
13th Combat Wing: (bottom) Col. Harding, BG Forrest (KIA 13 Jun 43), Col. Harris

95th Bomb Group: Col. Trusdale, Col. Shuck, Col. Gilger, BG Gerhart (then Col.), BG Kessler (then Col.)

390th Bomb Group: Col. Ott, Col Moller, Col. Wittan (KIA 13 Sep 44)

100th Bomb Group: Col. Jeffrey, Col. Sutherlin, Col. Kelly (KIA 28 Apr 44), Col. Harding, BG Huglin (then Col.)

13th Combat Wing Commanding Officers
Col. Alfred A. Kessler 
1 July 43—23 Sept 43

Col. Harold Q. Huglin 
24 Sept 43—1 Dec 43 

Col. Alfred A. Kessler 
2 Dec 43—14 May 44
Col. Edward M. Wittan 
15 May 44—12 Sept. 44

Col Hunter Harris
13 Sept 44—18 Nov 44

Gen. Harold Q. Huglin 
19 Nov 44—18 Jul 45