Lt. Col. Robert "Rosie" Rosenthal Awards and Citations





Distinguished Service Cross: 24 May 1945
"For extraordinary heroism in action against the enemy on 3 February 1945 while serving as Air Commander of a Heavy Bombardment Divisions formation attacking the Templehof Marshalling Yards, Berlin, Germany. On this date, while on the bombing run, his aircraft suffered a direct hit by enemy-aircraft fire which inflicted severe damage on the plane and started and intense fire in the bomb bays. Completely disregarding his personal safety and in spite of the imminent danger of explosion, he continued to lead his formation over the target. The extraordinary heroism, skillful airmanship, and intense determination to complete his assigned mission displayed by Lt. Col. Rosenthal on this occasion are in keeping with the highest tradition of the Armed Forces of the United States. 

Silver Star: 3 January 1944
First Lieutenant, Army Air Forces, United States Army. For gallantry in action while serving as Pilot of a B-17 airplane on a bombing mission over Germany 10 October 1943. Prior to reaching the objective, one engine of his aircraft was knocked out and other serious damage sustained during vicious assaults by enemy fighters. Thought subjected to constant attack and intense anti-aircraft fire, Lieutenant Rosenthal continued on to the target and bombed and bombed it successfully. When unable to remain with the formation on leaving the target area, his aircraft became the object of concentrated attacks by enemy planes. Another engine was knocked out, the oxygen system almost completely destroyed, the wing badly damaged and two gunner seriously wounded. Maneuvering his crippled aircraft with great skill, Lieutenant Rosenthal fought his way back to England and made a safe landing. The gallantry, tenacity of purpose and flying skill displayed by Lieutenant Rosenthal on this occasion reflect highest credit upon himself and the Armed Forces of the United States. 

Silver Star, Oak Leaf Cluster: 16 November 1944
For gallantry in action while piloting heavy bombers over enemy territory from 3 October 1943 to 10 September 1944. As, Combat Pilot and later at various times, Lead Pilot for his Squadron, Group and Combat Wing. Major Rosenthal completed an unusually large number of hazardous missions. On 10 September 1944, while over Germany enemy ground fire knocked out two engines and heavily damaged his aircraft. Alone and unescorted, he skillfully maneuvered his battered plane back to friendly territory, where he made a successful crash landing. In the face of determined opposition, Major Rosenthal’s complete disregard for personnel safety, devotion to duty and combat skill have been a constant source of inspiration to all flying with him. 

Distinguished Flying Cross: 9 March 1944
For extraordinary achievement while serving as Pilot of a B-17 airplane on Twenty-five heavy bombardment missions over enemy occupied Europe. Through the skillful handling of his aircraft in aerial combat. Captain Rosenthal has materially, aided in the success of each of these twenty-five missions, among which were the operations over Brunswick, Germany 21 Feb 1944, Regensburg, Germany 25 Feb 1944, and Berlin, Germany 8 Mar 1944. The courage, coolness and skill displayed by Capt Rosenthal on all these occasions reflect the highest credit upon himself and the Armed Forces of the United States. 

Distinguished Flying Cross, Oak Leaf Cluster: 29 Sept. 1944
For extraordinary achievement while serving as commander in the air of group and wing formation on heavy bombardment missions against the enemy. In surmounting the obstacles of intense anti-aircraft fire on both occasions Major Rosenthal demonstrated outstanding airmanship in commanding his formation on successful attacks against Munich 12 July 1944 and Magdeburg, Germany, 5 August 1944. Major Rosenthal’s forceful leadership and flying ability materially aided in the successful completion of these important missions. His actions reflect the highest credit upon himself and the Armed forces of the United States. 

Purple Heart: 1 Oct. 1944
For wounds received in Action in ETO on 10 September 1944

Purple Heart, Oak Leaf Cluster: 15 Mar 1945
For wounds received in Action in ETO on 3 Feb 1945 

Air Medal: 27 November 1943
Under the provisions of Army Regulation 600-45, 8 August 1932, as amended and pursuant to authority contained in Section I, Circular 36 HQ ETOUSA, 5 April 1943, and teletype S1632C HQ VIII Bomber Command, 26 September 1943, theAir Medal is awarded to the following-named officer. 

Citation: For exceptionally meritorious achievement, while participating in five separate bomber combat missions over enemy occupied Continental Europe. The courage, coolness and skill displayed by this officer upon these occasions reflect great credit upon himself and the Armed Forces of the United States. Robert (NMI) Rosenthal, 0-792349, 1st Lieutenant, 100th Bombardment Group (H), Army Air Forces, United States Army. 


Air Medal Oak Leaf Clusters

23 December 1943 for 5 missions
21 February 1944 for 5 missions
28 February 1944 for 5 missions
14 June1944 for 5 missions
20 July 1944 for 5 missions
21 August 1944 for 5 missions
3 January 1945 for 5 missions


French Croix de Guerre: 29 January1945
Campaigns for the Liberation of France 
(June-December 1944)
Cecison No 341

The General De Gaulle, President of the Provisional Government of the France 
Cite a l’Ordre DU CORPS D’ARMEE: Maj Robert Rosenthal 0792349 3d Bomb Div
Pour services exceptionnels de Guerre rendus au cours des operatons de Liberations de la France"
Cette Citation comporte l’ attribution de la Croix de Guerre avec Etiolie de Vermeil

Paris, le 29 Janvier 1945 
Signe: de GAULLE

British Distinguished Flying Cross: 16 April 1946
Subject: British Decoration

To: Lieutenant Colonel Robert Rosenthal

1. The War Department is in receipt of confirmation of the award to you of the Distinguished Flying Cross by the British Government. 

2. Acceptance of this award has been approved and the approval made a matter of record in the War Department. 

3. This Office has been informed that the British authorities are making arrangement for all decorations which were not presented in the field to be presented at a future date in an official and ceremonial manner. You will be informed of the date and place of the ceremony. 

A. L. Hilliard
Adjutant General