Fr. Pierre Louis Daems

From Michael Moores LeBlanc (3/26/06):

100 BG evader/pow's name shows up in two lines at the bottom of his (Fr. Daems) file and I believe in the summary list of airmen helped on page three of the file. It serves to offer a clue to Chavez's attempt at evasion ... and begs the question, how much further along the line was Chavez able to get before he was finally trapped (Another very, very interesting clue is the statement on Daems file saying, "He knew of Van Mulem's activities". This short line is pregnant with implications. Rene Van Muylem (a Flemish Nationalist), aka 'Robert', was an agent of the Abwehr III/f of Antwerp. He was the fellow ultimately responsible for the entrapment of 177 allied airmen (including a number of other 100 BG types who were evaders but listed eventually as Pows). 'Robert' had managed to penetrate the Antwerp resistance in February of 44 and developed great prestige with them by supplying them with money, explosives, false papers, etc and rose to a high and influential level within the leadership. By late March and then throughout the summer of 44 (till about Aug when he went on holiday) he 'handled' most of the airmen arriving in that town.