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Chowhound: 3rd AD Missions May 1-7, 1945


3rd Air Division Bomb Groups that Flew Chowhound Missions May 1-7, 1945

This is an 80 page PDF document. It will open in a new tab/window.


Dear fellow 8th Air Force Historians and Museums,

For the past two years Paul M. Andrews and I worked on putting together the most updated list of Aircraft and Pilots/Crews that flew the very first humanitarian relief effort, "Operation Chowhound," May 1-7, 1945.  Paul Andrews got it as close as he could for the Chowhound Symposium held by the 100th Bomb Group at the National World War II Museum in New Orleans this past weekend (September 26, 2015.) The presentation was streamed worldwide.

This project is by no means complete, and we both encourage sharing any information that has been unintentionally omitted.  It was our goal from the start to share this information with the Groups who participated in the mission and those that contributed to this document.

Paul M. Andrews is the foremost research authority on the 8th Air Force and his work here is amazing as always. Feel free to add this document to your website but please credit the authors.  This is not to be published for sale without the consent of the authors. Thank you everyone.   

Michael P. Faley
100th Bomb Group Historian & Photo Archives
100th Bomb Group BOD
13th Combat Wing Historian