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Group History

Conley E. Culpepper History

The following link is the story of Conley E. Culpepper (100th BG Veteran) as assembled by his son Chip Culpepper.  Originally prepared for the family but it has been shared and updated.  This is the 3rd revision.

Click this link to open the PDF file.

Dedicated to the memory of Conley E. Culpepper, and in honor of his service to his country during World War II alongside James C. Adair, Milton Brucker, Michael D. Dalgarn, Benjamin J. Goddard, James E. Hendrix, James H. Horny, DeWitt P. Meley and Elmer G. Wesala –and the thousands of other brave men of the 100th Bomb Group.

Compiled by C.C. (“Chip”) Culpepper over many years, and originally shared only with family during Christmas 2013.  This third edition, with substantial updates and additional information from Adair, Brucker, Dalgarn, Goddard, Hendrix, Horny, Meley and Wesala family sources was prepared for the 100th Bomb Group Reunion of October 2017 held near Washington, D.C.