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The 100th Bomb Group Foundation is honored to bring the activities of the 13th Combat Wing and its very distinguished Groups to the attention of the general public through this web page. We have developed the logo you see below, along with links to our sister groups, the 95th and 390th. We applaud those two great organizations that we shared the deadly sky with, five miles above Hitler’s "Fortress Europe". We ask them to join with us to educate and promote the history of the the 13th Combat Wing through our respective web sites so future generations never forget the sacrifices all three Groups made.

Michael Faley -100th Bomb Group Historian and Photo Archives

Pistol Packin' Mama

The Pilot of this plane was Capt. James Geary, who came to the 100th Bomb Group after completing a tour with the 390th BG. He was shot down on his second mission with the Group while flying as lead pilot on the March 24, 1944 mission to Berlin. This is a GREAT piece of historical work. 

The award-winning documentary film, Pistol Packin’ Mama: The Missions of a B-17, is being re-released in DVD. Previous reviewers have said it “ranks in dramatic impact with feature films like 12 O’clock High,” that it “must be considered a classic,” and that it is “more than just a vivid documentary . . . it’s a true emotional experience.” 

Pistol Packin’ Mama: The Missions of a B-17 is the story of a plane and its crew and the missions they flew in the grim early days of daylight bombing during WWII. As members of the 390th Bomb Group, they led their squadron, their group, and sometimes the entire 8th Air Force into action. The life of a bomber crewman is shown here as never before . . . the strain and the cold, the fear, the sense of death and loss, the bond of camaraderie. Through the use of dramatic oral histories, stunning combat film footage and rare personal photos, this is how it was battling fighters and flak 25,000 feet above Hitler’s Third Reich.

Produced in 1991, this film has been long unavailable, but is now being re-released in DVD. More information on this film can be found at www.americanherofilm.com.

USAAF Stations in England

8th USAAF Stations in England
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13th Combat Wing
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Group Station Type Missions Losses Marking
34th Mendelsham (3rd AD) B-17 170 34 Red Fin
44th Shipdham B-24 343 153 Circle-A
91st Bassingbourn B-17 340 197 Triangle-A
92nd Podington B-17 308 154 Triangle-B
93rd Hardwick B-24 396 100 Circle-B
94th Bury St. Edmonds (3rd AD) B-17 324 153 Square-A
95th Horham (3rd AD) (13th CBW) B-17 320 157 Square-B
96th Snetterton Heath (3rd AD) B-17 321 189 Square-C
100th Thorpe Abbotts (3rd AD) (13th CBW) B-17 306 177 Square-D
303rd Molesworth B-17 364 165 Triangle-C
305th Chelveston B-17 337 154 Triangle-G
306th Thurleigh B-17 342 171 Triangle-H
351st Polebrook B-17 311 124 Triangle-J
379th Kimbolton B-17 330 141 Triangle-K
381st Ridgewell B-17 296 131 Triangle-L
384th Grafton Underwood B-17 314 159 Triangle-P
385th Great Ashfield (3rd AD) B-17 296 129 Square-G
388th Knettishall (3rd AD) B-17 306 142 Square-H
389th Hethel B-24 321 116 Circle-C
390th Framlingham (3rd AD) (13th CBW) B-17 301 172 Square-J
392nd Wendling B-24 285 127 Circle-D
398th Nuthampstead B-17 195 58 Triangle-W
401st Deenthorpe B-17 256 95 Triangle-S
445th Tibenham B-24 282 95 Circle-F
446th Bungay B-24 273 58 Circle-H
447th Rattlesden (3rd AD) B-17 257 97 Square-K
448th Seething B-24 262 101 Circle-I
452nd Deopham Green (3rd AD) B-17 250 110 Square-L
453rd Old Buckenham B-24 259 58 Circle-J
457th Glatton B-17 237 83 Triangle-U
458th Horsham St. Faith B-24 240 47 Circle-K
466th Attlebridge B-24 232 47 Circle-L
467th Rackheath B-24 212 29 Circle-P
486th Sudbury (3rd AD) B-17 188 33 Square-W
487th Lavenham (3rd AD) B-17 185 48 Square-P
489th Halesworth B-24 106 29 Circle-W
490th Eye (3rd AD) B-17 158 40 Red Tip
491st Metfield B-24 187 47 Circle-Z
492nd North Pickenham B-24 64 12 Circle-U
493rd Debach (3rd AD) B-17 158 41 Square-X

482nd Bomb Group (H) Alconbury, B-17/B-24 Radar Equipped A/C (Pathfinders)

Fighter Groups (Under Construction)
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Group Station Type Missions Losses Marking
1st   FG Ibsley P-38 1400    
4th   FG Debden P-47      
14th  FG Atcham P-47      
20th  FG King's Cliffe P-51 312    
31st  FG Atcham P-51      
52nd  FG Goxhill P-51      
55th  FG Nuthampstead P-38      
56th  FG Halesworth P-47      
78th  FG Duxford P-47      
82nd  FG Northern Ireland P-38      
339th FG Fowlmere P-51 264 93  
350th FG Duxford P-47   95  
352nd FG Bodney P-51 420    
353rd FG Goxhill P-51      
355th FG Steeple Morden P-51      
356th FG Martlesham P-47      
357th FG Raydon P-51      
358th FG Raydon P-51      
361st FG Bottisham P-47      
364th FG Honington P-51      
479th FG Wattisham P-38      


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