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Group History

Mission of T/Sgt Glenn Smiley
Missions -- Girls -- R&R
Missions of Don Rohlfs
Most Treasured Possession
Munster Mission - Bill DeBlasio
Munster Raid by John Justice
My View From the Tail
Neil B. "Chick" Harding - Page 01
Neil B. "Chick" Harding - Page 02
North Sea Catch - Bradford
October 8, 1943: Target Bremen
Ode to the Bloody 100th
On Target - Page 1
On Target - Page 2
On Target - Page 3
On Target - Page 4
Original 100th Group Navigators
Outside Looking In
Owen Roane: "Cowboy" Roane to Charlie Beck
Owen Roane: "Cowboy" Roane to John Justice
Owen Roane: Blitz Week
Owen Roane: Blitz Week by "Cowboy" Roane
Owen Roane: Feat of the "Laden Maiden"
Owen Roane: King and I
Owen Roane: King Hovde and Roane
Owen Roane: Second Schweinfurt
Owen Roane: Second Schweinfurt - 14 Oct 44
Owen Roane: Supplemental Crew Page
Owen Roane: The King and I
Owen Roane: The King and I - A Cowboy Roane Tribute
Owen Roane: The Last Cowboy
Owen Roane: To Charlie Beck
Owen Roane: To John Justice
Pacific POW
Paris Mission, 3 Sep 43
Piggy Back - Paul Zak
Presidential Unit Citation
Raynor and Stanford Letter
Red Cross Girls
Regensburg - Shotland Crew
Regensburg Medals
Regensburg Recollections
Remembering Pearl Harbor (Splasher Six Article)
Remembering Pearl Harbor - Part 1
Remembering Pearl Harbor - Part 2
Remembering Pearl Harbor - Part 3
Report to 8th Air Force Museum
Richard Faulkner receives Purple Heart
Robert E. Fitzgerald - Missions
Robert Hughes: Commendation Letter - 2 Sep 1944