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Group History

Robert Hughes: Crew Information
Robert Hughes: Crew Page
Robert Hughes: DFC Transmittal Letter
Robert Hughes: Important Dates
Robert Hughes: Initial Aviation Cadet Record
Robert Hughes: La Junta AAB - Class 43B
Robert Hughes: Letters
Robert Hughes: Missions and Events
Robert Hughes: Ops Narrative - Bremen 26 Nov 43
Robert Hughes: Ops Narrative - Ludwigshaven 7 Jan 1944
Robert Hughes: Promotion Record
Robert Hughes: Schweinfurt - 14 Oct 43 "Black Thursday"
Robert Hughes: Silver Ships (Poem Sent to Robert Hughes)
Robert Hughes: War Diary - Part 1
Robert Rosenthal Honored
Ron Leigh to Bill Carleton
Rosie's Riveters by Saul Levitt
Rowland Hetrick's Diary
S/Sgt Ivan F. Hunter - POW
Satcha Lass
September 6, 1943-Lt William Freund-CP on Raunchy
Seven Days in October
Sgt. Joseph Adams 350th HQ Detachment
Soden at Ruhland- 11 Sep 44
Stanley W. Yates to Paul West
Story of Sgt. Robert Goodman
Sweater Girl -Lt Richard B. Atchison Crew
T/Sgt Horace E. Barnum- Missions
T/Sgt Richard F. Brady Diary
T/Sgt Robert Black - POW
Target: REGENSBURG - Page 1
Target: REGENSBURG - page 2
Target: REGENSBURG - page 3
Target: REGENSBURG - page 4
Target: RUHLAND - Page 1
Target: RUHLAND - page 2
Target: RUHLAND - page 3
Target: RUHLAND - page 4
Target: RUHLAND - page 5
Target: RUHLAND - page 6
Tech Sgt Chancy Finfrock-ROG on Lt Dawson Crew
The "Duke" Gwin Crew
The 100th In Switzerland
The Best Plane in the War
The Bombers
The Bremen Mission
The Donald A. Jones Crew
The Liberation of Moosburg
Thomas C. Hughes - Combat Diary