With Crew # 13: A History of B-17 Bomber Crew # 13 with the 100th Bomb Group in WWII & A Visit Back to Thorpe Abbotts

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With Crew # 13  A History of B-17 Bomber Crew # 13

with the 100th Bomb Group in World War II and A Visit Back to Thorpe Abbotts

Author: Earl Benham  

Softcover: 198 pages with photos

Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5 x .62 inches

 Earl completed radio school at Scott Field, Illinois and gunnery school at Harlingen, Texas before joining the crew in the early spring of 1943 at Moses Lake, Washington. From the formation of the crew at Moses Lake, Earl tells the unforgettable history of Crew 13: Flight training at three different bases. The flight to England in their B-17. Their assignment to the 100th Bomb Group on October 13, 1943. Earl flew the complete combat tour with this one crew. Crew first assigned the B-17F named Hard Luck. 14 missions in this airplane. This book features several authentic stories or incidents while on various missions along with a brief report on each mission, including dates, targets, bomb loads, etc. There are many remembrances and many photos of the crew, and there are also photos of other men we all knew. All combat crews have different experiences, but this book is about the very real experiences of one flight crew. Therefore, the title, "With Crew 13."