Poltava Russia
Missing Photo
MYLIUS CREW DIARY: June 21, 1944-RUHLAND, (1st Russian Shuttle Mission, mpf) Took off at 5:10am on a shuttle raid. Hit oil plant and then ran out of gas before we could make our Russian base. We had run into plenty of flak & fighters on way over. Force landed at fighter base near Kiev, Russia at 3:20pm (10hrs, 10min) In Kiev, we were given the best hotel to stay in and we & 3 other crews had the pick of the city. I spent my time on tours, shows, operas and walks thru the park with girl named Zena.and on last day there, a girl named Vera. June 26, 1944 Left Kiev at 8:15pm fo Piryatin, Russia where we stayed overnight. We landed there at 9:15pm. June 27, 1944 Left for Poltava, Russia. Got there in 55min. What was left of the group had gone onto Italy. 37 B-17's were totally wrecked there from bombing by Jerry, and many more will never fly again.