Utrecht, Holland, gets emergency food
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Utrecht, Holland, gets emergency food supplies from the air. Reversing their war-time role of high-altitude heavy bombardment, air crews of U. S. 8th AF's 385th Bomb Group skimmed over Holland the first three days of May 1945 dropping hundreds of cases of U. S. Army "10 in 1" rations to the beleaguered Dutch civilian population. Each carton contains three meals for ten men. The menu was sausage, bacon, corned beef, baked beans, cereal, vegetables, coffee, condensed milk, sugar, preserved butter and a variety of other items - including cigarettes, as the rations were originally packed for combat troops and then diverted by wartime necessity to the starving Dutch civilians. Each day approximately 400 Boeing B-17 Flying Fortresses dropped 800 tons of food. Photo courtesy of Jack O'Leary