364th FG buzzing TA
Missing Photo
Dick Baughn That was taken by one of the base photo lab people from the 100th Heavy Bomb Group. It was take some time after VE day, when the CO of the 100th BG, a friend of George Ceu;eers asked for a fly by during their VE parade. I led one of the two flights and we beat up the place for about 20-30 minutes. The commander and his people enjoyed it so much that he invited us to their party that night. We accepted over the radio and he sent a B-17 to Honnington to bring us to their party. When we landed, their photo lab person, who took many pictures asked to speak to the flight leader of the second flight of four and I stepped forward. He gave me a set of pictures that he had taken and I still have most of them. He said he a had a great shot of me buzzing some of the people in the parade and that is the picture I used on my book cover.