Crew of the 350th's "SALVO SAL"
Missing Photo
Crew of the 350th's "SALVO SAL" (4230818): Kneeling from left; William McDonald - P, John James - CP, Carl Spicer - NAV, and Frank McGlinchey - BOM: Standing from left; Charles Ashbaugh - TTE, Victor Intoccia - WG, Fred Pribish - ROG, Douglas Agee - WG, Ross Detillion - BTG, and Paul Sears - TG. Douglas Agee was KIA on Oct 8, 1943 on the Bremen mission. Fred Pribish was wounded but managed to bailout. John James had a damaged chute, went down rapidly and broke his leg when landing - going through the roof of a house. Both Fred Pribish and John James were captured, hospitalized and later sent to POW camps. Ashbaugh, Intoccia, Detillion and Sears were captured immediately. They moved through interrogation and later into Stalag XVII-B. McDonald, Spicer, and McGlinchey evaded and contacted the Netherlands underground. McGlinchey and McDonald were on the established escape route to Spain but were captured after more than four months at a Border Post in the Pyrenees. Spicer made it across the Spanish border and eventually returned to England in January 1943. All the POWs survived the war and were returned to military control in May 1945. (100th Photo Archives)