John J Gibbons
Missing Photo
John was in the Army and was assigned to the Air Force Navigation School at Mather Field in Mills, California and graduated on May 29, 1943 as a Lieutenant (Service No. 0-747157). He was given a 30 day leave and then sent to England to serve in the 8th Air Force. On his first mission he returned with just one engine. This was reported on the front page of the Philadelphia Bullentin at the time. On the second mission on October 10, 1943 his plane was shot down and he was killed in action. His commission as an officer lasted just over 4 months. According to the records of the 8th Air Force Museum in Savannah, Georgia, two days earlier they had bombed Bremen and returned to the base with an engine out in "Miss Carriage". They were flying "Forever Yours" (AC #4230023338) when they were shot down over Munster, Germany on the 10th. Of the 10 crew members 2 were killed and 8 were taken prisoner. He is buried in the United States Military Cemetery in Margraten in the Netherlands, Plot G - Row 16 - Grave 6. Researched by Joe Callahan ( cousin)