On the Regensburg mission.
Missing Photo
On the Regensburg mission. This crew was flying as left wing to Roy Claytor who was leading the second element of the low squadron. Truly "tail end Charlie" to not only the 100th Group but the entire Regensburg force. Attacked by e/a about 10 minutes before reaching Nuremberg, Hummel's plane was seen to "blow up" but some chutes were seen. On this final flight of 17/8/43 Devich & Bishoff were replaced by S/Sgt Richard E.Bowler & S/Sgt Francis T.J.Stafford. Bowler was KIA and Stafford became a POW. J.E.Devich had sustained a broken wrist and other injuries when one dark night he ran his bicycle into a ditch near the base. "THEY NEVER HAD IT SO GOOD" p.75 notes that ". . . . a last man, Bishoff, was later removed from the crew for hospitalization and his place taken by a spare gunner." See also TNHISG p.81 re Dick Bowler. (100th Photo Archives)