Charles B. Winkelman Crew:
Missing Photo
Charles B. Winkelman Crew: Standing from left: Thomas E. Combs - TTE, Jean E. Ray - ROG, Thomas Cuccaro - BTG, Michael F. Darcy - WG, and Ennis M. Bankhead - TG. Kneeling: Charles B. Winkelman - Pilot, Ralph D. Smith - CP, William H. Booth - NAV and Howard M. Harris - BOM, This crew was shot down 3 Sep 43 near Paris, France. Seven of this crew evaded capture and returned to Military Control, two were POWs and the Tail Gunner Ennis Bankhead was KIA. This aircraft was involved in the massive collision of 100th aircraft at Paris on 3 Sep 43. Detailed Information (100th Photo Archives)