Cruver and Kraft on Chowhound
Missing Photo
The Return : The proceeding four photographs were taken on a Chow Hound Mission by Floyd T. Bauman, the 351st First Sgt. The following is Bauman's description of the photographs. "The first photograph is that of Lt. Col. Harry F. Cruver, CO 351st Squadron and Lt. Eugene F. Kraft, Squadron Armament Officer, taken in the 351st Squadron Area, and just prior to my accompanying Cruver on one of the May 1945 Chow-Hound missions over German occupied Holland...The other three photographs were taken with a borrowed hand-held aerial camera. These shots were taken from the right waist window. They have the notes I put on the back of each more than 50 years ago. Cruver, with whom I have corresponded and copied the originals for him, has encouraged me to to do the same since he feels they represent some additional history for the famous and sometimes "Bloody " Hundredth... (100th Photo Archives)