Jespersen Crew
Missing Photo
The enclosed photo is of the Neil Jesperson crew that went down on either their 18th or 19th mission, depending on who you talk to. We were in the 349th Squadron and were shot down by fighters on one the several disastrous missions that our group had during the war. Our particular day of bad luck was on May 24th, 1944. This was a Berlin mission and I believe this was the day of no return for nine 100th planes. The following will identify those in the photo. From left to right, standing in the rear is: Frank Gronkowsky, Radio Operator; George Kostoulakos, Engineer; Robert Atkins, CoPilot; Neil Jesperson, Pilot; Burton Seely, Navigator. From left to right in front: Frank Fischer, Ball Turret Gunner; John Durrenberger, Tail Gunner; John Legg, Armorer and Waist Gunner; Thomas Kiriako, Waist Gunner. Inset is the Bombardier, Joseph Savino. Joe probably took the original picture and later someone added what looks like a school photo of Joe. (100th Photo Archives)