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Harry Crosby Interview 1993
A discussion with Harry Crosby, author of A WING AND A PRAYER, an account of the "Bloody 100th" group's bombing missions in WWII; interviewed by Tom O'Neill of Hennepin County Library.
How The 8th Air Force Ruled The Skies Over Europe
How The 8th Air Force Ruled The Skies Over Europe
8th Air Force Color Slides of B-17s
B-17 Nose Art Video
Frank Buschmeier WW2 Museum Interview
Frank Buschmeier Interview
Ronald Batley & Richard Gibson - Thorpe Abbotts Discussion
Ronald Batley & Richard Gibson discuss their years of extensive work at the 100th Bomb Group Memorial Museum at Thorpe Abbotts. Recorded in September 2020.
Interview with 100th Bomb Group Veterans Howard Hamilton, John Brady, and Charles Cruikshank
Interview with 100th Bomb Group Veterans Howard Hamilton, John Brady, and Charles Cruikshank, recorded at the 100th Bomb Group Reunion in Forth Worth, TX, in 1995.
Hambone Hamilton, John Brady, Charles Cruikshank
Joseph BIG JOE Armanini Regensburg
John Lucky Luckadoo
Capt John Lucky Luckadoo
Amateurs vs Professionals Luckadoo Gibbons Shoens
John Lucky Luckadoo, John 49 Missions Gibbons, Bob Shoens
Hank Cervantes / WW II Museum
Hank Cervantes interview
Dwight Chiles Interview - 1997
Gene Bankston
Interview of Gene C. Bankston; 1997
Bruce Alshouse Interview 1997
100th Bomb Group Memorial Plaque Dedication; June 1986
Veterans of the 100th Bomb Group took part in a dedication ceremony to unveil a memorial plaque at the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs in Jun 1986
Gathering in Texas - 1997
In 1997, several 100th Bomb Group veterans gathered in Texas to go through 100th Bomb Group photos and other historical documents. Several veterans were on hand including Butch Goodwin, John Luckadoo, Dewey Christopher, Grant Fuller, Cowboy Roane, Hong Kong Wilson, and others.
Arlington Wreath Laying & Gathering - 1995
100th Bomb Group veterans place a wreath at Arlington National Cemetery and then gather at the home of Harry Cruver.
Willow Run 2010
100th Bomb Group Veterans John Gibbons and Frank Buschmeier at Willow Run in 2010. 100th Bomb Group Foundation.
Dewey Christopher Memorial at Colorado Springs
David Lyster Part 5
David Lyster Part 4
David Lyster Part 3
David Lyster Part 2
David Lyster story
David Lyster Part 1
David Handlebar Hank Lyster
Joseph A Carty -Wild Blue Yonder
Joseph A. Carty 100th Bomb Group 350th Bomb Squadron Thorpe Abbotts, England Joseph A. Carty - Bombardier - stationed at Thorpe Abbotts from late February 1944 through early August 1944. Carty completed 35 missions including the first several daylight strikes on Berlin flown March 4th, 6th, and the 8th of 1944. This story is in tribute to the men who served in the Bloody 100th (100th Bomb Group) in the 8th Air Force. This film is for educational and historical purposes only. Not for resale.
The Friendly Invasion Thorpe Abbotts
Dewey Christopher and Joe Urice (100th BG Vets) talk about their service with The Mighty Eighth Air Force at Thorpe Abbotts in East Anglia during World War II - and the importance of keeping alive the story of the 100th Bomb Group.
Joe Urice memories at PSAM 2019
Memories from the Tail: Joe Urice
Joe Urice - Palm Springs Interview - 2019
100th BG Veterans Roundtable at Palm Springs 2019
Veterans Roundtable at Palm Springs Mini reunion. John Alden Clark, John Lucky Luckadoo, Al Arreola Dewey Christopher, Lew Herron, joe Urice, Albert freitas
Frank “Bud” Buschmeier Tribute
We lost an incredible man today - Frank "Bud" Buschmeier. Bud flew as a Waist Gunner on the John Gibbons crew, and became a POW when his B-17 went down over Merseberg on 29 July 1944. Bud was an active attendee at 100th Bomb Group Foundation reunions, along with his wonderful family, and he is also a former president of the 100th Bomb Group Association. Bud gave several interviews over the years about his war-time service, and he proudly carried on the legacy of the Bloody Hundredth. He was a family man, a patriot, and a member of the greatest generation. Here is a small tribute to Bud....Matt Mabe
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