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13th Combat Wing 95th Bomb Group (Heavy)

13th Combat Wing
95th Bomb Group (Heavy)

95th Bomb Group Website

Activated 15th June 1942 at Barkesdale Field, Louisiana, the 95th BG did not commence operations until late August 1942 at Geiger Field, Washington. On 31st October, 1942, they moved, temporarily, to Ephrata, Washington, returning to Geiger Field on 24th November, 1942.

Final training took place at Rapid City Air Force Base from 14th December, 1942 until 11th March, 1942.

Taking the southern route, via Florida, Trinidad, Brazil, Dakar and Marrakesh, they arrived in the U.K. in early April 1943.

The ground echelon arrived at Camp Kilmer on 21st April, 1943, sailing on the Queen Elizabeth 5th May 1943, and arrived at Greenock 11th May.

The Group was stationed at Alconbury 15th April and then At Framlingham from 12th May to 15th June, 1943. The stay at Horham lasted until 19th June, 1945, when the aircraft departed, ariving at Bradley Field, Connecticut 21st and 26th June, 1945.

The ground crews sailed from Greenock, again on the Queen Elizabeth, arriving in the U.S. 11th August, 1945. They were based at Sioux Army Field and de-activated 28th August 1945.

During the 1950s, the group was activated as a heavy bomber group with B-36s, later converting to B-52’s. The group was finally deactivated in 1967.

During operations from Horham, the 95th completed a total of 321 missions (including 6 food drops totalling 456.5 tons). The total bomb tonnage was 19,769.2 tons, of which 211.1 tons consisted of supplies dropped to resistance groups in Europe. Aircraft losses consisted of 157 missing in action and 39 other operational losses. The last 8th Air Force lost on a mission was from the 95th BG, crashing into the sea 7th May 1945.

During their distinguished service, the 95th was the first to bomb Berlin (4th March 1944) and received three unit citations:

Distinguished Unit Citation: Regensburg 17 Aug 43
Distinguished Unit Citation: Munster 10 Oct 43
Distinguished Unit Citation: Berlin 4 Mar 44