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USAAF Stations in England

8th USAAF Stations in England
3rd Air Division Groups  |  13th Combat Wing Groups
13th Combat Wing
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Group Station Type Missions Losses Marking
34th Mendelsham (3rd AD) B-17 170 34 Red Fin
44th Shipdham B-24 343 153 Circle-A
91st Bassingbourn B-17 340 197 Triangle-A
92nd Podington B-17 308 154 Triangle-B
93rd Hardwick B-24 396 100 Circle-B
94th Bury St. Edmonds (3rd AD) B-17 324 153 Square-A
95th Horham (3rd AD) (13th CBW) B-17 320 157 Square-B
96th Snetterton Heath (3rd AD) B-17 321 189 Square-C
100th Thorpe Abbotts (3rd AD) (13th CBW) B-17 306 177 Square-D
303rd Molesworth B-17 364 165 Triangle-C
305th Chelveston B-17 337 154 Triangle-G
306th Thurleigh B-17 342 171 Triangle-H
351st Polebrook B-17 311 124 Triangle-J
379th Kimbolton B-17 330 141 Triangle-K
381st Ridgewell B-17 296 131 Triangle-L
384th Grafton Underwood B-17 314 159 Triangle-P
385th Great Ashfield (3rd AD) B-17 296 129 Square-G
388th Knettishall (3rd AD) B-17 306 142 Square-H
389th Hethel B-24 321 116 Circle-C
390th Framlingham (3rd AD) (13th CBW) B-17 301 172 Square-J
392nd Wendling B-24 285 127 Circle-D
398th Nuthampstead B-17 195 58 Triangle-W
401st Deenthorpe B-17 256 95 Triangle-S
445th Tibenham B-24 282 95 Circle-F
446th Bungay B-24 273 58 Circle-H
447th Rattlesden (3rd AD) B-17 257 97 Square-K
448th Seething B-24 262 101 Circle-I
452nd Deopham Green (3rd AD) B-17 250 110 Square-L
453rd Old Buckenham B-24 259 58 Circle-J
457th Glatton B-17 237 83 Triangle-U
458th Horsham St. Faith B-24 240 47 Circle-K
466th Attlebridge B-24 232 47 Circle-L
467th Rackheath B-24 212 29 Circle-P
486th Sudbury (3rd AD) B-17 188 33 Square-W
487th Lavenham (3rd AD) B-17 185 48 Square-P
489th Halesworth B-24 106 29 Circle-W
490th Eye (3rd AD) B-17 158 40 Red Tip
491st Metfield B-24 187 47 Circle-Z
492nd North Pickenham B-24 64 12 Circle-U
493rd Debach (3rd AD) B-17 158 41 Square-X

482nd Bomb Group (H) Alconbury, B-17/B-24 Radar Equipped A/C (Pathfinders)

Fighter Groups (Under Construction)
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Group Station Type Missions Losses Marking
1st   FG Ibsley P-38 1400
4th   FG Debden P-47
14th  FG Atcham P-47
20th  FG King’s Cliffe P-51 312
31st  FG Atcham P-51
52nd  FG Goxhill P-51
55th  FG Nuthampstead P-38
56th  FG Halesworth P-47
78th  FG Duxford P-47
82nd  FG Northern Ireland P-38
339th FG Fowlmere P-51 264 93
350th FG Duxford P-47 95
352nd FG Bodney P-51 420
353rd FG Goxhill P-51
355th FG Steeple Morden P-51
356th FG Martlesham P-47
357th FG Raydon P-51
358th FG Raydon P-51
361st FG Bottisham P-47
364th FG Honington P-51
479th FG Wattisham P-38
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