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Codes and Abbreviations

Crew Position

AE Aerial Engineer
BOM (B) Bombardier
BTG (BT) Ball Turret Gunner
COM (COM/P) Command Pilot Position
CP Copilot
LWG (LW) Left Waist Gunner
MIC (MO) (RAD) Radar Nav (Mickey Operator)
MO (MIC) (RAD) Radar Nav (Mickey Operator)
NAV (N) Navigator
NG Nose Gunner / Togglier
P Pilot
RAD (MIC) (MO) Radar Nav (Mickey Operator)
ROG (R) Radio Operator / Gunner
RWG (RW) Right Waist Gunner
TTE (E) Top Turret Gunner / Engineer
TG (T) Tail Gunner
TOGG (TOG) Togglier / Nose Gunner
WG (W) Waist Gunner

Crew/Aircraft Status

CL Crash landing
CPT (CT) Completed tour
DUR On base for duration of War
EVA (EVAD) (EVADEE) Evader / Evaded
ESC Escaped
FEH Flying at end of hostilities
GND Ground personnel
IIC Injured in crash
INT Interned in neutral country
KIA Killed in action
KIC Killed in crash
FTR Failed to return
LWA Lightly wounded in action
MIA Missing in action
NOC (NC) No other category or status
POW Prisoner of war
REC Rescued
RFS Removed from flight status
RZI (RZOI) Returned to zone of interior
SAL Salvaged
SWA (SWIA) Severely wounded in action
UNK Unknown
WIA Wounded in action
XTF Transferred out of unit
XFER Transferred out of group


AC Aircraft
AF Airfield
CLS Claims of enemy destroyed
IP Initial Point
LR Last resort target
MT Motor transport
MY Marshalling yard
NOBALL V1 buzz / V2 rocket site
ST Secondary target
TA Target area
TO Target of opportunity

Aircraft Database

BOMB Aircraft struck by bomb
DOW DOW Field, Bangor, Maine
E&E Escape and evasion report number
EVD Evaded capture – Escaped
FTO Failed to take off
FTR Failed to return
FTR LOC Failed to return – landed on continent
FTR MID Failed to return – mid-air collision
FTR OW Failed to return – last seen over water
INT Interned in neutral country
KIA Killed in action
KIS Killed in service – non combat
LAG Luftwaffe aerial activity
MACR Missing Air Crew Report number
MID Mid-air collision
NCS Non-combat sortie
POW Prisoner of war
RE? Returned early – reason unknown
REM Returned early – mechanical
REO Returned early – not mechanical
REP Repatriated
RES Returned early – scheduled spare
RFO Returned from sortie
RMC Returned to military control
STA 139 Thorpe Abbotts Airfield, UK
TOA Takeoff or assembly incident
WIA Wounded in action
WIS Wounded in service – non combat