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Board of Directors

The Foundation operates with an all-volunteer Board of Directors and Officers, consisting of second and third- generation members and other interested individuals.


President: Chip Culpepper

Executive Vice President: Michael P. Faley

Vice President of Philanthropy: Dan Rosenthal

Secretary: Gary R. Christopher

Treasurer: Dave Distelrath



The Board maintains the following committees dedicated to advancing key areas of the Foundation:

  • Fundraising: Dan Rosenthal and Elaine Whitton Davis, Co-Chairs. The committee develops a list of companies and individuals from which to seek funding and provides outreach to engage prospective donors.
  • Finance: Dave Distelrath, Chair. Chris Barrett, Gary Christopher, Chip Culpepper (ad hoc), and Tom Torkelson assist.
  • Website: Chris Barrett, Chair. Michael P. Faley and Keith Youngblood assist. The committee is engaged in the upkeep and development of the Foundation’s website.
  • Social Media: Chip Culpepper and Matt Mabe are administrators of the Official 100thBG Facebook page, Instagram account, and YouTube channel. 100th BG Foundation news and information, history, photographs and video are updated regularly and shared via these media. Official content is highly curated and tightly monitored. User comments are allowed, but posts are restricted. Additionally, Chip Culpepper, Paul Marcello, Matt Mabe, Michelle Lemmons Walker, and Karl Hauffe also serve as moderators for an earlier-established, “unofficial” Facebook group (created independently by Walker, the daughter of a veteran) where primary user-generated content is both created and shared in a more relaxed manner yet is still monitored for accuracy and eliminating any unsavory, and/or copyright infringing activities.
  • Reunion: Nancy Putnam, and Gary Christopher are Co-Chairs of the reunion planning committee. Chip Culpepper and Michael P. Faley are also committee members.
  • Membership: Chris Barrett, Chair. Laura Barrett, Membership Administrator, maintains day-to-day updates to membership files and data. The committee works on expanding outreach to members and prospective members.
  • Education and STEM Development: Elaine Whitton Davis and Michael P. Faley are Co- Chairs. Currently, the committee is focused on highly configurable STEM curricula for use at the Middle/High School and College levels. They also work on upgrading the quality of reunion presentations and integrating efforts with the National Museum of the Mighty 8th Air Force, the National WWII Museum and other entities. The committee is also engaged in the  Chowhound Mission Project. Michael P. Faley is globally recognized as one of the top  historians on the Eighth Air Force of the U.S. Army Air Forces.
  • Historical/Artifacts: Michael P. Faley and Matt Mabe are Co-Chairs. and the committee works on acquiring new  historical artifacts for the Foundation as well as photography and document archiving.
  • PX: Dave Distelrath and Joe O’Leary are Co-Chairs. 100th BG Foundation sells various commemorative keepsakes, such as t-shirts, hats, pins, patches, DVDs, and books. The committee develops new products to be sold online.
  • Publication/Splasher Six: Nancy Putnam, Chair. Keith Youngblood provides technical and layout expertise. The committee publishes Splasher Six, which showcases the history and personnel of the 100th BG, and is published quarterly.
  • Communications: Chip Culpepper, Chair. Gary Christopher and Chris Barrett assist–with communications primarily for members and internal use.
  • Museum Exhibit Design: Dan Rosenthal, Michael P. Faley and Chip Culpepper lead the committee, with assistance from Gary Christopher and Elaine Whitton Davis.
  • 100th Air Refueling Wing / U.S. Air Force Liaison: Col Tom Torkelson USAF (Ret.).the