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Super Rabbit

Aircraft Serial #: 42-102598

Names: Super Rabbit

Squadron: 351st | Squadron Marking: EP | Tail Marking: F

Pilot: James Ransom


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March 17, 1944Cheyenne
March 18, 1944Accepted into Inventory
April 10, 1944Hunter
April 29, 1944Dow
April 29, 1944Assigned to UK
July 28, 1944RFO - retracted landing gear vs Flaps
July 30, 1944Salvaged
July 30, 1944Salvaged


See July 28, 1944 Merseburg mission summary for additional information.

Additional Photos

Kelly, Carlson Bodenheimer Pouktas

351st Ground Crew : Standing from left: C. Kelly, S. R. Carlson, and C. E. Bodenheimer with the Crew Chief, J. G. Poukstas kneeling. (100th Photo Archives)