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Permanent museum home for 100th BGF

100th Bomb Group Foundation – Membership Announcement Join or renew your membership now. Dear 100th BGF Member: Thank you for your membership in and continued support of the 100th Bomb Group Foundation and of our obligation not only to preserve the stories of service and sacrifice but to educate the world more about the men, missions and […]

The Fog of War

100th B.G. Accounts of the May 24, 1944 Mission to Berlin Editor’s Note:  On May 24, 1944 at 0655 hours eighteen aircraft of the 100th “A” Group and seventeen of the “B” Group set out for Big “B” – Berlin. Nine crews would not return.  The following is the story of that mission from Group […]

Behind The Wire (May 24, 1944)

On May 24, 1944, my flying career with the USAAF came to an end.  Not intentionally so, but I would never have another assignment which would be primarily flying.  I felt a great sense of relief when my feet touched earth again – relief that a person feels when a long dreaded calamity has finally […]

Most Memorable Mission

By Marion (Buck) Calton Splasher Six Volume 34, Spring 2003, No.1 Cindy Goodman, Editor Certain missions conducted by the Eighth Air Force during World War Two will always be remembered because of their place in history, results achieved, losses incurred. Thus, much has been written about the raids on Regensburg, Berlin, Schweinfurt, Munster, and the […]

Sentimental Journey

Bob Wolff revisits the final mission of Wolff Pack. Splasher Six Volume 32, Spring 2001, No. 1 Cindy Goodman, Editor On September 16, 2000, Bob Wolff wrote a letter to his six surviving crewmates. He began the letter by telling his friends to note the date and think back 57 years! No doubt the men […]

Field of Wheat

By Ron Jensen From Stars and Stripes Sunday Magazine Splasher Six Vol. 33, Fall 2002, No. 3 Cindy Goodman, Editor The field of wheat, spread under a blue sky sprinkled densely with clouds, bobs and weaves in the ever-present English breeze, rippling like a farm pond. Quiet now, there is little evidence – save for […]

Remembering Pearl Harbor

By Chuck Harris Splasher Six Volume 32, Winter 2001, No. 4 Cindy Goodman, Editor In the summer of 1941 the war clouds of the world were becoming darker by the day. In Europe, Hitler’s forces had overrun most of Europe, and the Luftwaffe was bombing London. Japan had invaded China. The peacetime draft in the […]

With Help, WAAC Hunter Comes Home

By Ron Leigh Splasher Six Volume 31, Winter 2000, No. 4 Cindy Goodman, Editor In mid-August, 2000, a piece of B-17 wreckage was returned from Germany to the Control Tower Museum at Thorpe Abbotts. The five-by-three-foot wing section from the left wing was recently recovered from Burstadt, Germany. I became interested in this B-17 and […]

Independence Day 1945 at Thorpe Abbotts

Splasher Six Volume 33, Summer 2002, No. 2 Cindy Goodman, Editor Jim Gintner was recently looking through 100th Bomb Group records on microfilm and came across this interesting piece written by someone on base about a Fourth of July celebration. “Wednesday July 4th 1945. Along about 2200 hours the Tannoy announced that a fireworks display would […]

Reunion with Big Moose

By Kay Ball Splasher Six Volume 30, Spring 2000, No. 1 Cindy Goodman, Editor 1943 On May 7, 1943, Donald T. Atkinson was the flight engineer and upper turret gunner on a B-17 traveling to Europe to join the 100th Bomb Group. Well into this trip, the crew noticed that they were well off course, […]