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Robert Hughes: Commendation Letter – 2 Sep 1944

Capt. Robert L. Hughes Commendation Letter 2 Sep 1944

Information provided by Michael B. Hughes, the son of Robert L. Hughes.

AAF STA 595 – APO 636, U.S. ARMY

30 August 1944.

To Whom It May Concern:

Capt Robert L. Hughes, O737957, AC, served under the command of the undersigned for a period of approximately five months, having been assigned to this station on 10 April 1944 and relieved 29 August 1944 for the purpose of returning to the Unites States after an extensive tour of combat duty in the European Theater of Operations.

During Capt Hughes service at this station he served in the capacity of Officer in Charge of Flight Test. It was his responsibility to insure that every bomber repaired at this Depot be flight tested before being returned to the organization for re-use against the enemy. During this period of time 330 bomber aircraft were test flown by Capt Hughes, which involved a total of approximately 250 flying hours. His work in every respect reflects the highest credit upon himself and the Army Air Forces of the United States. The personal habits of Capt Hughes are above reproach.

It is a pleasure and privilege to have officers such as Capt Hughes serve under my command.

Received 2 Sep 1944
APO 635

Colonel, Air Corps, Commanding