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Robert Hughes: Crew Information

 Capt. Robert L. Hughes – Crew Information

Information provided by Michael B. Hughes, the son of Robert L. Hughes.

Capt Robert L. Hughes P CPT 04 MAR 44 Berlin (City)
1st Lt Richard Helmick CP CPT 26 JUL 44 Merseburg
1st Leonard A. Wickens NAV CPT 24 FEB 44 Posen Rustoc Docks (No Bomb)
1st Lt Richard E. Elliott BOM CPT 13 FEB 44 Livossert & Bois Rempre
T/Sgt James Angel TTE RFS Inability to tolerate O2 grounded after five missions
T/Sgt Joseph F. Boyle ROG KIA 05 OCT 44 Hit in the aorta by a silver of flak over Gilsenkirk.
S/Sgt Horace E. Barnum BTG CPT 06 Feb 44 Romilly Sur Seine, AF
S/Sgt Talmage P. Buntin AG CPT 06 Jun 44 Oistrehan, Retired with the rank of E-8
T/Sgt Gerald H. Gulick TTE CPT Unk Unk
S/Sgt Robert L. McKimmy TG CPT Unk Unk
Donald Stetson Davis CP CPT ?? Feb 44 Joined the crew after 1st phase at Blythe, CA

This crew joined the 100th on 14 Jul 43. They were the first replacement crew in the 351st Sq. Joe (Joseph F. Boyle) was KIA as a 88mm (German Anti-aircraft ordinance) exploded above and between engines #3 & 4, sending a small sliver of iron that sliced through his gun track and missed the steel lining of his Flak Vest. He had two (2) fighter kills on 3 Nov 43. Both were twin engine MEs. He shot them through the top of the vertical stabilizer. About ten (10) bullets struck our stabilizer just above the top hinge. Joe fired a short burst at each ME 410.

Robert L. Hughes retired after twenty-eight (28) years of military service on Oct 1, 1969. Horace E. Barnum retired in 1968. Donald Stetson Davis retired as a Lt. Col. In 1969 after twenty-eight (28) years of service with the USAF and the State Department.

Aircraft flown in combat by this crew was “Nine Little Yanks and a Jerk”, serial # 42-3271. Crew flew serial # 42-3371 overseas for deployment.

Enemy Aircraft Destroyed by Robert L. Hughes crew

Richard E. Elliott ME 109 1
Robert L. McKimmy FW 190 1
Joseph F. Boyle ME 410 2
Donald S. Davis ME 109 1

Donald S. Davis was with this crew for about 16 missions and then took Richards Helmick’s crew for nine (9) missions before returning command to Richard E. Helmick. Helmick having upgraded to 1st Pilot while the Hughes crew was stateside.