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Letter to Mrs. Rosa Hunter from Mrs. Marie Flood

813 Johnson Street
Sault Ste Marie, Michigan

October 3rd, 1944

Mrs. Rosa Hunter:

My dear Mrs. Hunter, you will not doubt be surprised to hear from a person you most likely never knew existed.

Both you and I are God’s suffering children. My son S/Sgt Elmer E. Flood, who was missing over Germany July 29th (1944) spoke of your son T/Sgt John Hunter in so many of his letters to me.

Now I hope you have received word of your son’s safety. I was notified by the War Dept. that my son is a prisoner of the German Government. This last week I received a letter from the War Department that at present they did not know in what country he was being held.

Now Mrs. Hunter, if you have received no word, only that cruel telegram saying he was missing, please don’t give up, as a Mother here in our city whose son had been missing since March 4th (1944) received word that he is a prisoner.

Another received word her son was killed in action. Now the boy is home and has that telegram, so let us not give up. If we put our trust in God, our boys will come back to us. I do pray that you have other children to comfort you.

But for me, I must fight the sorrow alone. Elmer’s twin bother is an officer with the 11th Inf., somewhere in France, and does not know his only brother is alive. They were all I had in this world to live for.

If you should hear from our son will you be kind enough to let me know.

The Catholic Chaplain was good enough to send me a list of the crew, with your son and mine.  1st Lt. Robert J. Schomp 0812663 … Mrs Helen Schomp (Mother) 9750 Arlington Ave, East Orange, New Jersey.

1st Lt. Henry C, Precher. … Mr Henry Precher, Sr. (Father) 1500 Judson St. Evansville,Indiana
1st Lt. Robert W. Culwell … Mrs Robert Culwell (Wife) 1729 Winona Ave, Tyler, Texas
1st Lt. S. E, Dittbenner … Mr. Vernon H. Dittenner (Brother) Seecan, Minnesota
T/Sgt Edmand Radke … Mrs Blanche Radke (Mother) 7070 Tappan, Detroit, Michigan
S/Sgt Arthur Maloney … George Maloney (Father) 1050 E. Johnson St., Madison, Wisconsin S/Sgt Joseph Rosolino … Mrs Rose Rosolino (Mother) 3307 E. Fort St., Detroit, Michigan

Now the chaplain said we could keep in touch with each other, and in that way comfort each other. If I hear from my Son I will let you know at once. Please remember me in your prayers and I won’t forget you and your dear son.

I Remain, Mrs. Marie Flood.

Letter Courtesy of William A. Carleton, 351st and Group Engineering Officer