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Robert Hughes: Letters

Capt. Robert L. Hughes – Letters

Information provided by Michael B. Hughes, the son of Robert L. Hughes

Mother of Joseph F. Boyle reply to a letter of condolence sent to her by Robert L. Hughes following the loss of her son at Gelsenkircken 05 Nov 43. After six decades it remains a moving experience for those saved by the sacrifices of our “Greatest Generation” in WWII. Though she likely is gone now, may we that are left remember her…. pw

December 20, 1943

Dear Lt Hughes,

Yesterday I received your very nice letter. I had hoped to hear from you and it gave me a great deal of satisfaction to know that Joe’s Chaplain was able to have a service for him.

This all seems so unreal to me but yet I know now that it is true

Joe was such a wonderful person. He had many friends and was extremely fond of the members of his crew. He spoke of them often and hoped to keep in contact with them after the war. I, myself, wished the same. I had never dreamed he wouldn’t be coming back to me but it was God’s will and although it well take quite a long time for me to believe this true, I know that He does everything for the best.

I will remember all of you in my prayers and I feel sure Joe is watching over you all for he is in Heaven I know.

Please thank all the fellows for their gift, it was awfully nice of them. I am deeply grateful to you, Lt. Hughes, for writing to me. I know it must have been difficult to do.

May God Bless all of you and bring you home safely very soon.

Sincerely Yours
Peggy Boyle

P.S. Lt Hughes – I should like very much to have Joe’s things if it is at all possible. I believe they do send them home.

Peggy Boyle responds to a letter from Elaine Hughes, wife of Robert L. Hughes.

February 28, 1944

Dear Elaine

Thank you for writing to me. There isn’t much anyone can do or say but it helps so much to know that people are thinking of you when you need “cheering up” the most.

I feel sure my Joe is safe in Heaven too. When I lost him I lost my whole world and it will take me quite sometime to get used to living without him. When I feel blue I just look at his picture or read a letter of his and it really helps. That something like this was going to happen was the farthest thing from my mind. I kept planning for when he would be home. I guess you know how it feels to be hoping and praying to see the one you love soon. I am so happy that the rest of the crew are doing fine and expect to come home soon.

Saturday I was presented with an Air Medal and three Oak Leaf Clusters. Joe already had been awarded an Air Medal with two Oak Leaf Cluster. I also received Joe’s Purple Heart..

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