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Lt Thomas Cryan

DATE: 18 March 1944  350th Sqdn.       A/C#42-39830 “BERLIN PLAYBOY”

MISSION: Augsburg/Munich                  MACR#3234,Micro-flche#1105


2nd Lt Paul A.Martin             P   KIA

1st Lt Thomas Cryan            CP  KIA

2nd Lt Albert F.Racz         BOM   KIA

2nd Lt Tom F.Hughes       NAV   KIA

T/Sgt Russell E.Longdon   ROG   KIA

T/Sgt Levi O.Tonn           TTE   KIA

S/Sgt Richard J.Faulkner    BTG  EVA  

S/Sgt Veryl A.Lund          RWG  KIA

S/Sgt Lonnie J.Albin         LWG  KIA

S/Sgt John E.Howley          TG  KIA

The crew joined the 100th on March 10,1944. The crew flew 5 training missions and its exact composition is as above except the origina CP was 2nd Lt Paul Mitchell. It is known that Thomas Cryan was From the crew of Mark Cope. This was the crews first misson.  (mpf nov 2000)

Summary of Eyewitness reports:  “A/C #830 and A/C #913 (Flown by D.J.Stuke) collided over France at 1210 hour near (?) . #830 broke up while #913 pulled away,badly damaged but apparently under control. One chute was seen to come from #830. The ship going down under control had two port engines torn out,and only #4 was operating. The nose of this A/C also was sheared off. The collision resulted when the Group leader aborted and the formation scattered and reformed.”

The Promise of His Youth- A Tribute by Jill DeVito